a thousand words

It’s been five days since I got home from Green River Lakes. I wish I were still there. I keep thinking one of these years I’m going to stay the allowable limit — 16 days  — instead of just the 10 or 12 that we usually go.

I love it there!

Talk about detox in action! All summer long I work with multiple toxic chemicals. Last year I had chemical pneumonia from scrubbing the lunchroom and the boys coaches office shower with something too strong, and with too little protection for my lungs. Nasty stuff! Miserable institutional-strength crap! And this year I had such a horrible cough for two full months. I NEEDED to get away for a couple of weeks, just to regroup.

Anyway, here is our camping trip — in pictures. We had so, so much fun. This was the perfect year. Lot’s of people. Lots of great weather. Lots of silliness and lots of bonding and connecting!

I loved every single minute of it! [Sorry all of these are left-justified. I don’t know WHAT is going on! And I can no longer italicize my words. I have to CAPITALIZE them for emphasis! Boo! And I have to spell-check by cutting and copying over to a Word document. Double boo!]


My little home away from home. Paradise, really!


The back door. A little brook runs right past the back windows. Really very noisy!


Getting firewood for the week.


Miss A supervising the whole process.


A friendly visit to my tent from my next door neighbors.


A friendly visit from one of the ten deer in the campground every single morning and evening.


Kez and East on the teter-log. [AKA the deer-lookout log.]


Fisher [intently] trying to catch a squirrel with his butterfly net. Annes, again, supervising.


Scott, Caleb, Fisher, fishing. They caught a huge one that day!


Umm, Annesley, uh-huh! Supervising. She really IS good at it!


Just one of the MANY times I got a picture of Mikelle cleaning . . .


Getting ready for the hike to the bear cave. Water: check!


Baby: check!


Annes up at bat with her Papa on the mound.


Strategy brainstorming before the big blow-out. [Blythe’s B’day, Aug 7th]


Blowing out the candles two days later on Andie’s cake. [Totally staged. We didn’t get the shot when there were flames so we had to do it over . . .]


Heading down the Green.


Heading UP the Green!


Jumping INTO the Green!


And and Kez totally rockin’ the Green!


What, Gramma, You’re taking ANOTHER picture of us?!?


I tried so hard to get an action picture. But all I got was this . . .


. . . or this.


or this . . .


One day we had a bunch of kayak rodeos. You had to start at the shore, go around the rock and the paddle like crazy back to “home.” Scott beat us all. We all laughed our heads off.


This is just too-cute of my two littlest ones.


The cutest and most devoted fisherman I’ve ever met!

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  1. Tami

    I was thinking about Tracy’s comment on her blog about being thankful that Grandma started this and that you have continued it… it really is an amazing place and time together. I’m so glad that I can come join you guys and start the same tradition for my children and grandchildren (when we are in the country). What great memories. Miss you all!

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