title-less [no that’s not a golf ball . . .]

Scott told me this would change my life:

8:00 Kakshi cereal
10:00 apple with Adams PB
12:00 chicken
2:00 protein bar
4:00 veggie or fruit or WW bagel with Adams PB
6:00 brown rice/veggie stir fry

And drink a bottle of water between each one of those.

I have no doubt it would change my life. I’ve seen what it’s done for him! He is thin and hard and happy and consistent and driven and energetic.

Here’s what works best for me.

6:00 chi on ice
9:00 yogurt or quinoa with frozen fruit
12:00 salad and assorted veggies/fruits
3:00 protein bar
6:00 anything healthy that I can find in the house.

And drink at least two waters in between.

I swear if I could stick to this I’d be the happiest person on the face of the earth.

Be so busy

Be so busy
my life
I have
no time for
or fear!
~Karen Salmansohn

Man, I would love to center that!