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[OK, I just have to say I’m dying laughing over the title of this post!!!]

This picture deserves its own post. You might think that Tracy is in a lot of pain. Perhaps she has been bitten by the infamous grizz that roamed the campground. Perhaps she had a severe sunburn on her legs. It could also be to protect a homeopathic rub on her injured hip.

But, no!

She came to visit my tent and we played a whole lotta cards. She is quite infamous, herself, and was, thus, required to get into a large garbage bag, which would become a sort of “rubber’sheet” for my cot, pad and sleeping bag. I didn’t want to sleep in moisture.

She is a peeing maniac once we start laughing — which, that day, seemed to go on forever.


4 thoughts on “abcdefghijklmno qrstuvwxyz

  1. jessica

    OH MY WORD. You gave her a pee bag!! Did she really pee in it? We should have had one for her in the back of the car on the way to Utah that one time….

  2. Tami

    WOW!! That is classic. I’ve never seen her in a pee bag – what a great idea you had!! Wish I would have thought of that… many times!

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