blessings in disguise

First day of school! [There were so many kids, I forgot what it was like!]  My boss changed my hours so I’m a little out of it at 3:45 in the morning. I wake up and wait. This morning I got online. I dried the towels and folded another batch. I planned out my food for the day . . . made the bed. OK. Now what? So, I actually sat for a while and waited until 5:20. But, I got into the routine quickly enough.

I realized this is my 24th first day of school! What the cow! [as Annesley would exclaim!] I swear, I say “what the cow” twenty times a day now! This has been a great job for me. Years ago Scott promised me something . . . if I would pay a full tithing, I would find a good job with benefits, retirement . . . all that. And it’s been such a blessing in my life to have a permanent, consistent way to support myself and have all the perks that have come with it. It’s not glamorous. Sometimes it’s too hard for me. But it has been a really decent way to make a living! I finally have seniority [not that it counts for anything] and I have four weeks of PAID vacation.

It’s not exactly what I would have chosen for myself, but it has been good. I have great friends and have had some good times. And, some really good laughs!!! [I know what you’re thinking! I’d be laughing no matter where I worked and you’re right. I love a good belly-jiggler!] Atleast I’ve never been put in a pee bag like someone we all know and love.

[I’m so sorry I had to post this again. But it cracks me up!!]


I can’t help but feel the Lord’s hand in my life.

2 thoughts on “blessings in disguise

  1. tracy

    Pretty funny picture, eh!

    I would like to create some sort of awesome, invisible pee bag that doesn’t make one all hot and sweaty like that 58-ply garbage bag does.

    So happy you are able to see the blessings in your life…and so glad I get to be part of your life.

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