note to self: mindfully choose

Yes, I still weight 150 but I am having a wonderful day! I’m eating healthy! [I made quinoa for breakfast and sprinkled walnuts, frozen raspberries and a titch of cinnamon on top.] I exercised this morning while watching the Today Show. I did all my laundry. I showered, put on makeup and did my hair. I have cute clothes on. I finished my lesson and now I’m heading to Evanston to get good healthy food for the week. I have an apple and peanut butter for a snack.

Simple things. Great joy!

I’m including prayer and scriptures in my day. Taking care of the physical me. Taking care of the spiritual me. Taking time for gratitude. Feeling the influence of my Mother [I have no doubt she is welcoming good friend Mareen Ellingford to heaven!]

[I also cleaned my house yesterday — so that overwhelming task is behind me!]

I can only believe this wonderful phenomenon happened because I planned well. Planned ahead. I wanted to have a wonderful day. I did things I knew would feel good. I purposefully went way out of my way to mindfully choose well. I also mindfully recalled how miserable I felt the other day when I ate two cupcakes, two slices of pizza, eight ready-to-bake cookies [sorry hubster] chunks of cheese etc. etc. etc.

Yah, happiness is a choice. Health is a choice. I’m going to enjoy every single moment of getting it together today! Because I don’t know when I’ll ever be together enough to make mindful choices again, but I hope it’s tomorrow! Surely I can put two good days end to end!

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