oh brother/sister

I went to my Smith brother/sister family reunion yesterday. I don’t know why I haven’t gone the last couple of years. [I really think I know . . . but, guess what! I can’t remember for sure so I don’t want to say it here.] [It may or may not be weight related.] [How sick is that!] [Enough with the brackets!] [Or it may or may not have something to do with marriage and relationships . . .]

ANYWAY . . .

I had a ton of fun! All nine of us were there and we took a variety of family photos. I took 30 or so and our family historian and official photographer, Jan, took about 100! My camera battery died right after we all gussied up and posed for the group family photos, so thank heavens I got those before it went kerplunk. [Thanks to the adortable Char!] [Mikelle was busy taking pics with Janet’s camera!]

All nine of us with assorted better halfs.

It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up. I usually avoid things like this. I don’t know why!!!! I love my family. I love seeing them. I like to visit and find out all the latest — but there is something, admittedly, that is way out of my comfort zone — even with my own family.

[Oh, just snap out of it, Dorothy!]

[I often feel like the fifth wheel. I often feel like a failure. I often feel like I don’t fit. I often feel crappy about the whole marriage/hubby thing. I hate when people ask, “So, how is Leonard doing?” How the heck do I know? He’s fine. He’s sick. He’s depressed and gaining weight. He’s miserable. We don’t talk. We don’t communicate. Do I want everyone to know all that?]

OK. I digress. Anyway . . .   I did have fun and I’m glad I went.

Adorbs!!! Jan and John still totally in love!

Jan and John are amazing!!! They planned the whole thing and were so organized and prepared. And they’re so cute together! He helped her up on the bench when she was giving out some of her paintings. He’s so supportive of her and they both have darling personalities and senses of humor. [Is senses a word?] [Oh, stop! Wait! Maybe it’s because when I go to family things like this I feel like everyone is making comparisons on how we all did in this life — and I *sometimes* feel pretty wanting in that area.] [But only sometimes . . .] [My heck these brackets are surely coming in handy today!]

OK, OK, enough with the self-analyzation. [Oh wait. I was just doing spell check and self-annihilation came up. Who’d a thunk!]

Whatever! On with the pics!

Easton on a huge trunk.

Seriously adorable! [By the way . . . Mrs. Ogden UT there!]

Speaking of adorable!!!

AND, it’s Miss Photogenic! I swear, I don’t have a bad picture of her!

I’m sorry Camille! I have to include this pic because you two are so cute — even with closed eyes.

What can I say? I’m not a professional photographer. I got one out of three on this one.

Louise, LeAnn and Brian [newlyweds!] and Alice.

See, if I were better, I’d have waited until Eileen finished licking off her teeth.

Eric, Richard, Tracy, Camille, Abigail, Mikelle.

Mel and Renita.

Keziah and East.

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