8 days, going on 365

Last night I cooked brown rice. A bunch! I like to have it on hand for when the munchies come on. Unfortunately, I cooked it about 15 minutes too long and it had a crust of brown, burnt rice on the bottom. I quickly added cold water and let it soak for a minute and then scraped it off the bottom of the pan. It really wasn’t too bad and then the Claude [my Dad] came out in me. I smelled and then tasted it and thought, “Gee, what would the Pioneers do? They’d eat it, of course.” And they’d be darn thankful for it! [A little bit of my Mother’s voice-tape in there, too.] My Dad taught us to never waste anything of value and Mother taught us to make the best of everything and to be cheerful when doing it. :]

This morning I was 16 feet up on the ladder displaying October’s events on the marquee when I had such an insatiable desire for burnt brown rice and cinnamon.

That’s an improvement! I’ve made a few changes in the past 8 days and I’m not craving sugar, junk or hubby’s pile of snacks. I’ve eaten healthy and exercised since last Wednesday and had green smoothies every day. Plenty of good healthy protein, too. Results? I feel good.

Now, if I can just make it through the weekend at Tracy’s without gaining back those pesky 5-6 pounds! Then I’ll be in a good place to start to get this other 10 off. I’m feeling so motivated and on-track right now. I really can’t afford a derailment.

We’re all heading up there for Fisher’s baptism.


Yup, Fisher’s finally getting baptised. He’s waited ‘his whole life’ for this event! I adore this guy! Love every single freckle and every single adorable thing that comes out of his mouth. He’s so fun!

[149 this morning.]