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I had forgotten what f.u.n. a girls’ day is. I had actually let myself forget because I’ve put it on the bottom of my list and the back of my mind for so long. But, after having one yesterday and having such an absolutely fun-crazy wonderful-awesome time, I can see I’ll have to give it more room in my life. It started out as simply running a few errands but quickly evolved into hilarious silliness and a mind-blowing endorphin high.

I can explain. You know how runners obtains that wonderful high. Feeling on top of the world feeling. Well, we created that very same high when we laughed so hard and sucked in a whole lot of extra oxygen into our starved brains and hearts. [Wait. I’m strictly speaking for myself. I haven’t had that much merriment for a while, but I’m sure Tracy and Mikelle have that much amusement on at least a weekly basis. They’ve got some wild and crazy friends between the two of them!]

[But, lesson learned, and times a changin’ from here on out!]

Lord knows I could use more oxygen. Just check my biorhythms once in a while and you’d see I need the H2O!

[Actually, somewhere about half-way into the day, Mikelle and Tracy were planning my logistics for when I turn 70 or so and apparently will no longer be able to dress or cleanse myself. They were, seriously, asking questions like, “Hey, Mom, when you totally go crazy [such an ugly word used in that context . . . ] would you rather live with one of us or go into a home like Beehive?]

I mean seriously, what did I ever do to deserve that question, especially when I was having so much gaity?

And besides! How could they be thinking and talking about how old and unstable I’m getting? I had bell bottoms on, for heaven sakes! Isn’t that totally young and hip? Oh. Wait. Maybe I shouldn‘t have had bell bottoms on.

Well, evidently, it has something to do with shuffling about and looking lost when getting change for a ten dollar bill or showing my recent Mini-Bazaar finds to the three gals at the table next to us. I mean, seriously, people need change for the tip, don’t they? I could hardly afford to leave a twenty! And nothing wrong with being friendly to three other nice girls who were, themselves, out on a girls’ day.


See how cute! I HAD to share!!!

Right at that moment Tracy says, “AHA! And you call yourself an introvert! You are NOT an introvert,” or something like that. [Remember the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test.]

We went to Lemon Meringue, Great Harvest [where they had the audacity to eat bread pudding, lemon raspberry bars and other assorted goodies right in front of this dieting mama! I finally had to go outside and walk laps around the area.] We went to the Farmer’s Market . . . loads of fun and interesting people. OK, so I accidentally parked my car where I probably shouldn’t have and someone parked right behind me. Yes, I got a little mixed up with some of my words and said exactly the opposite of what I meant to, and then also ran after some people [the wrong people as it turned out.] What does that prove? That I’m ready to check into Beehive? I think not! Hello!

We also went to Kohl’s for a huge return. We shopped a little and had to have another intervention with the kiosk. [Seriously, why do they say on their commercials that the kiosk is so easy to use???] Tracy went to Deseret Book and ran into her wonderful friend and doula, DeLinda. She’s beautiful!! Then we went to the before-mentioned lunch at Johnny Carinos. We went to Sportsman’s Warehouse to find a birthday gift for Kez, Barnes and Nobles for another gift. I am probably leaving out a few places, but the important thing is not so much where we went, but what we did in all of those places. We talked and laughed and had so much merriment! Merriment I say! And at one point when I was walking behind my two grown up girls I had such a wonderful, loving and warm feeling that soaked all the way through to my heart and spirit. I said, “I’m so proud of you two girls’ bums. They are so nice and small. With our genetics, they could really be gigantic, but look at yours, they look nice.” Yes, folks, we were standing on the corner in downtown Idaho Falls checking out our bums in the light of day. And it made us laugh even more.

Still chuckling at this very moment.

[Beehive, here I come . . .]

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