I cannot wait to retire! I can’t wait to do something else with life. I picture myself running or working for a small craft store. Wouldn’t that be so dang fun!!!

I get emails from Mandy, a gal who lives in Logan and has a craft store in her home. Her husband is a school teacher and he cuts all their wood and paints a whole bunch of it. He makes things from sunflowers to bedroom sets! Can you even imagine what I could do with a husband like that?

I think this is adorable!

It’s, like, 18 inches tall, so, SO adorable. I think we are making these for our tri-ward Super Saturday if it’s not too late to get approved.

I mean, seriously, my husband is a carpenter, a construction supervisor. He works with wood and tools and saws and routers every single day. Do you think I can get him to cut one piece of wood for me?

Oh, to have unlimited supplies of crafts, cut and waiting for a dash of paint and a spritz of spatter. I can only imagine that must be what heaven is like.


BTW:: Notice I have tools? Notice I can center? Notice I can italicize? Notice I’m not a screaming maniac anymore?

Um, yah. Tracy made me actually can the server people and talk to them and work it out myself. It only took 7 weeks.