my good heck!

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to this before now. It’s been hectic! Maybe not so much hectic as busy! Last week was the first day of school with all the usual confusion, craziness and newness. We have a whole lot more freshmen than we have had for years. We also had games, games, games! All of which, I worked.

Scott, Mikelle & Logan [Easton] came for a weekend visit. Scott got here on Friday evening during the volleyball games. Mikelle and Logan got here on Thursday and Logan interviewed with FMC on Friday. They also cleaned, unloaded a trailer of hay, and helped me with my “side” of the garage. I, believe it or not, still had my tent in the trunk of the car left from three weeks previous! We all played five games of Rook — one of which had 24 hands in it! My goodness! It took about three hours.

Easton at the Gorge with a little help from Dad and Uncle Scott.


We ended up going to the Gorge on Saturday [weather was not so great . . .] and to Bear Lake on Monday for the Labor Day holiday. Tracy and her family met us there and boy howdy! It was a day of fun and sun! I am still so burned!

We did all of our usual things: swam out to the bouy, played frisby and volleyball. Tracy and I were going to choreoraph a synchronized kyack performance but we talked ourselves right out of it.

I’m wishing that I had pictures. I’ve been waiting for Tracy to download all of hers onto Flickr so that I could swipe borrow some, but she is one busy lady!

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