temple day

Friday afternoon I decided to go to the temple. Tracy had entrusted 12 of her names [Saylor sisters/relatives] to me a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t been. So Friday after work I decided to head down to the Bountiful temple. I had planned to bum a bed off Diane or Carol [but hadn’t called them as yet] so that I could stay the night and attend the temple on Saturday, too.

Driving along [minding my own business] around Morgan I heard/felt a distinct *something* that said I should go to the Salt Lake Temple. I said out loud. “What? Hello! Was that a feeling? Should I go to the SL Temple instead of the Bountiful Temple?” So I actually prayed about it. “Dear Heavenly Father. I thought I heard/felt something but I’m not sure. I need to know if I should be going somewhere else instead of the Bountiful Temple. Please let me know. etc. . . .”

In the meantime I started making phone calls. I had been asked to help with a tri-ward Super Saturday and needed a craft idea. I had remembered Kari Moultrie made a cute wedding gift using antiqued temple pictures and I wanted to talk to her about it. So I called Diane for Paula’s number, thinking Paula could give me Kari’s number. While talking to Diane, she told me the Bountiful Temple was closed for cleaning [Aha moment] and long story short . . . when I was finally talking to Kari about where to get the cute craft supplies, I realized I had missed the exit to the Bountiful Temple [and thus the SLC Temple, as well] so everything became a moot point by then.

My back-up plan started kicking in.

I was already practically to 12th Street in Ogden and realized I only had a little way to the ‘Ivy Cottage.’ I’d go there first, then head back to SLC. But. . . brilliant! I re-thought the whole thing and decided I was already pretty close to the Logan temple. too. I could just go there, sleep at Mikelle’s and head back to the temple in the morning.

Stay with me here . . .

The only thing I can come up with is at the Logan Temple eight lovely sisters helped me to do endowments for eight of Tracy’s long-gone lady relatives. [I seriously need to find a better term for them . . .] It was a lovely experience. A sister who works at the Vernal Temple was more than glad to help me out and we got little pink cards handed out. It was such a feel-good day! I got initiatory done for 12 sisters and 10 endowments done — counting the two I did.

I still don’t really know if I actually heard a voice or “felt” a feeling, but I do know that going to the Logan Temple turned out to be such a productive and awesome experience for me. I had several personal spiritually-growing moments and learned so much about the creation [for another post . . .]

My faith that God knows our every move and whispers to us often increased. My faith that temple work is crucial increased. My faith that doing family history work blesses lives increased. My faith that we can learn something new each time we attend the temple increased. I was earnestly looking for something new and I got it!

I got it!

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