kids and conference and old spaghetti

I am feeling particularly lucky and blessed today. I’ve had Fisher and Annesley here this week and they are such sunshine in my life. Talk about two funny and hilarious, actually, kids. They have kept me laughing all week long. And my co-workers and associates have enjoyed them, as well.


We’ve gone swimming almost every single evening. We’ve fed the horses, read together, prayed together, gone to the park several times, gone shopping, watched a ton of fun movies — the kind I hardly ever watch but the kind that make the kids laugh right out loud. Fisher had such a hard time telling me about “Home Alone” because he kept laughing his head off. Seriously, one time he [as Annesly so wisely put it] had a fart come right out of his nose — he was laughing so much, Grommer . . .]

And, today I get to go to General Conference. I really believe there is nothing, NOTHING, I love better than mingling with all those other saints and rubbing shoulders with believers who are looking for further light and knowledge. It is such a goose-bumpy experience. And I love it. The whole thing. The whole trying to find a parking place, the whole crossing the street with thousands of others dressed in their Sunday best. The whole looking at people from Africa, South America, Japan — some in their native dress. Love listing to their musical dialects. Seeing all the hugging and the light in everyone’s eyes. Love, LOVE, the clean smell of the conference Center. Love looking at the bright ties on all the General Authorities and hearing the Tab Choir!

I’m one lucky girl.

I’m also pretty sure I’m going to be eating at Old Spaghetti Factory and going to the south end Quilted Bear today, too!

What could be better?

Oh, and I’m still at 148. Pretty pleased with all things considered. I’m going to make it after all.

4 thoughts on “kids and conference and old spaghetti

  1. tracy Post author

    Ahhh, man! I didn’t know you wanted to go to Old Spaghetti Factory! We TOTALLY should have gone! Thank you for spending the day with us at Conference and being such a wonderful grandmother to these kiddos of mine!

  2. jessica

    I need (desperately need) you to send me the picture of Tracy wherein her hair is so huge it doesn’t fit in the frame. Also, do you have pictures of Tracy at Annesley’s age? Because I highly suspect they are twins.

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