my teams

We’ve had two heck-of-a-weeks in a row! Last week we were hosts for 3A-West Regional Volleyball. I booked 70 hours that week. 40 at my ‘regular’ job and then I had an 18 hour day Friday and an 11 hour day Saturday.

This most recent week I took some time off for a craft class down in Logan and also a little shopping and funning with Easton and Mikelle.

I got back Friday just in time for the kick-off for 2A quarter-finals. Our football team is something else this season. Our record before post-season play is 8-0. Take a look at this stat! 424 points for us to 12 points from all our competitors, together! Awesome. We’re not only number one in our division, we’re number one in the state! These boys have been so fun to watch the last couple of years and I have the fun job of running the clock and scoreboard for them. It’s been much warmer up in the crow’s nest than sitting out on those metal bleachers in the freezing cold. I count myself as lucky in this regard!

This coming Friday we play the semi-final game. We will be hosting New Castle and then, I’m sure, heading to state to play Lovell, last year’s state champ. We played Lovell last November and came away with the loss, so this is going to be an interesting and exciting re-match. Hoping this year we have the state champion trophy in our case.

At least 7 guys on the team are from our ward. It is amazing to watch these guys participate in Priesthood responsibilities on Sunday. They could understandably stay home and rest on Sunday after a long road trip the day before, but they are all there, carrying out their jobs and being pretty dang good examples to the younger kids.

That’s what I love about this team!!!

We also had ten inches of snow to content with last Tuesday and a few more inches on Wednesday and Thursday. Our maintenance crew took two full days to remove the snow off the football field and the practice field. Wednesday morning they had two maintenance pickups with plows, one tractor, one Bob Cat [mine], one Gator, our Superintendent, two police vehicles and one maintenance guy from Evanston out on the practice field seeing what they could do to get rid of the enormous amount of snow. After about four hours of practicing to see what worked best, they moved over to the playing field and got it cleared off. There were eight-foot piles of snow all around the field, but they were able to scrape the snow without scraping the grass or damaging the sprinkling system.

I’m so looking forward to this next game mostly because it’s supposed to get back up into the 70’s, but also because I can’t wait to see them play one last time. Even though I have no children or grandchildren on this teram, it has been so fun watching them play and get better each year. I’m as proud as I can be!