to death

I can see why people go inactive. I can totally understand because I was on the edge this past Sunday. I entertained the thought. I recalled people who had done that very thing — gone inactive — and wondered what it was that drove them to do it. By our third meeting I was ready to walk out and never return. Actually, I did walk out before the closing song and prayer.

It was 2:11. Exactly 11 minutes late!

What’s got me so riled up? Well, I’ll just tell you!

We have a great, in fact, I’ll say AWESOME, Gospel Doctrine teacher. I adore her. I love feeling the Spirit and learning and growing from her lessons. She is also a wonderful, life-long friend. Her husband is our Stake Patriarch. She babysat my two youngest kids when there were little. I adore all of her children! Summary? I love, admire and respect her.

Awww. She’s a bit long-winded.

And for some reason, our Sunday School presidency doesn’t feel the need to ring the 5 minute bell or the dismissal bell. Makes me so totally nuts. She will actually look at the clock and the time is UP and she’ll say, “I just have a few more things to end with.” WHAT? I mean people are zipping up their scriptures, shuffling their papers, getting up and tripping over others to get out of the classroom to get to their classes that they have to go to for the third hour. The Spirit made an exit, too.

Of course, it was Fast Sunday. Sacrament ran long. Then Terri’s class ran long. Then Relieft Society started late. VERY late. That made me crazy. The pianist hit a ton of wrong notes. I mean a TON! The RS presidency walk around the room and visited and glanced at the clock. I could just imagine them saying, “Well we should have started by 1:10 but let’s start at 1:15 instead. Oops. Missed 1:15. OK, 1:20 for sure.”

Drove me up the wall.

At 1:28 the time was turned over the the sister with the lesson. I know what that’s like — to prepare to teach a 35-40 minute lesson and to, instead, have approximately 15 minutes . . if we are to have any time at all to bear testimony.

A couple of weeks ago the RS Presidency talked to each other during the meeting [one from the podium] and kind of figured out their day as they went. So unorganized. It was like they were playing it by ear.

OK. I know this is childish and anal, not to mention petty. I’m just saying. I could actually understand why people leave the church. I’ve heard for years that people leave over a pint of milk, a misspelled name, a misunderstood comment, no available seating at the Kirtland Temple dedication. I know. I’ve thought, how ridiculous can you get? But now I thought, but this is different! It’s so dang annoying that people aren’t prepared, that they’re late, that they’re insensitive and inconsiderate. And why cant we have someone who hits the right notes?

I understand why people get fed up!

And, then it hit me pretty hard. Satan WANTS me to understand it.

That scares me to death!

Yah, I’ll be in church next Sunday!