It’s early Sunday morning and once again I can’t sleep. I’ve had a couple of nights this past week when I only slept 3-4 hours. My body 1) wakes up around 4:00 anyway, because of 15 years of working at 5 a.m. and 2) is rebelling against me. It is old and tired and almost 65. It keeps telling me enough of this insanity!

I should listen.

This morning we have another Stake Conference, even though we had one on October 21. . . three weeks ago.  This time we are renaming our Stake, making two new wards and changing a whole lot of other things. I’m kind of excited to find out what all the [secret] excitement is. The rumors have been flying for a couple of weeks and today is the day of answers.

I should be painting. My kitchen is full of projects. Yesterday I made another quick trip to Utah to make up for not stopping at Michaels and Joanns last Saturday. I now have everything I could possibly ever need to finish the hundreds of craft projects I’ve bought over the years. I, seriously, could open a store. Oh, wait. That would take money, a place, a different economy, a town with interest in a ‘hand-did’ enterprise. We do have lots of crafty people here and they follow the craft-fair circuit. But me? I’m more of a think-it, make-it, paint-it and then put it in a tote kind of person. I could prove it with a picture of my basement but you would think less of me! I’ve become something of a hoarding slob. To say the least! And besides, I did the whole craft fair thing for years and it wore me right out. All that pricing and boxing-up and hauling and displaying, and packing back up and hauling and storing. See . . . I’m just storing.

A couple of weeks ago Mikelle and I were at the Wood Connection and she saw a cute pumpkin she wanted me to paint for her. I bought two of them and papered and painted them. I bought wire and stain for the edges. I finished the projects and displayed them. I face-timed her and showed her the one I made for her. She came here and stayed a couple of days but ‘forgot’ her pumpkin. Hmmmm. I think it’s adorable but maybe she didn’t end up liking it . Anyway. It’s now in a  tote.


A couple of years ago we bought wood A.N.D.I.E. letters. I bought two shades of purple, turquoise and lime green paint. I bought extra curly-Q’s to attach. Yup. They are still sitting here in a tote. I’m pretty sure Andie, at age 16, outgrew them.

I’ve got shelves and frames and mats and more vinyl than you could imagine. I’ve got fabric and wire and clock parts and texture paint. I’ve got Spanish moss, three colors of raffia, a nail and staple gun, scrapbook paper galore, knobs and handles, greenery, and magnets. Sigh. And for some reason, I always think I need more of all of it.

I’ve certainly got my years supply of all things craft.

There are about two hours in the afternoon after work when the sun is bright enough for me to see what I’m doing and I rush home, and paint, sand, stain, wire. And then the crafts sit in the piano room for several weeks. I really do know I’m driving hubz nuts with all this. He shakes his head as he passes through ‘my area’. He  makes a little sigh sound. He almost rolls his eyes, even though he knows better than that.


Off to our meeting.