discovered 6 extra hours

Holy cow. It’s the middle of the night. Two a.m. I can’t sleep. I’m not sure what’s going on . . . it might be as simple as the time change, but I suspect it’s more. It might have something to do with my friend, MaryBeth falling off a water tower to her death a few days ago. Her funeral is tomorrow. Sheesh! Six children! And a husband! It might have something to do with the fact that I can’t seem to get along with anyone. It might have something to do with money, weight, and work woes.

I went to bed around 7:30. Way too early. I should have known better. When I woke up at 10:30 I can’t say I was completely surprised. Since I had climbed into bed fully dressed I had gotten too hot and got up to take off my work clothes. Then *something* drew me to the freezer and I had a decadent ice cream bar [I will have to drive clear over to Benedict’s tomorrow and replace them for hubby before he notices. I ate one the night before, too. I’m *pretty sure* he’ll be upset that I ate his treats.] Then I facebooked for a minute or two and instant-messaged with Tracy. She and Richard were still up at 11:00 rehashing his *life and job,* she said. I tried to lull myself back to sleep with a Mormon Channel story but ended getting out of bed again twenty minutes later.

What the heck. Why not make the most of being wide awake? Three hours later, I’m on my third batch of laundry. I’ve done a huge batch of dishes, folded the whiles, hung permanent press. I’ve done two crafts, a candy cane with a huge primitive heart on it and finished up another slat Christmas tree. These are turning out so cute.

I have to ‘get up in a couple of hours’ and go to work. I should take a nice hot bath and condition my hair with coconut oil. I should do a facial. I should bleach my teeth and do something with my toenails. I should sweep and vacuum. I should clean up the huge mess I have in the kitchen from doing crafts for two weeks. [The hubster is about to kick me out.] I should clean my bedroom.

I should.

But, I’m going to watch TV for a while and maybe look on-line for some darling craft paper. Or something to spend the Walmart gift certificate I’ve had for over a year. Sheesh . . . so much to do, so little time.

Oddly, I’ve just discovered there are about *6* hours in the middle of the night that I’ve never taken full advantage of before. I believe this is what Tracy has been telling me for years. Her group of friends often do an all-nighter and they seem to function fine the next day. Sleep is apparently totally *over-rated.*

PS: I keep seeing an over-use of the asterisk symbol, so I thought I’d give it a try. Result? I like it. I may have to scoot my fave *[bracket]* over for a while and use my new BFF. Yes, I’m a little loopy. It is now 2:22 a.m.. One of my *favorite numbers.*