oh yah, road trip!

Yesterday I put my main addiction on hold and catered to my secondary addiction . . . shopping for crafts. Well, I thought I had a totally legit reason, and had thought about it all week. I’d gone back and forth between ‘I have had three very busy weeks at work, plus company one weekend, and really need to stay home and get things in order’ AND ‘I have had three very busy weeks at work, plus company one weekend, and really need to do something fun and something for myself before I explode or go completely nuts.’

It was a win/win. Either one would have been nice, but I chose the latter.

It started out with my rationalization that the brother/sister Christmas party is coming up fast — lest than three weeks. Or four. Who’s counting? I thought I really should run to both Quilted Bears and get a fantastic gift for Eileen and Mel. I had called her a couple of weeks ago and said, “I noticed the last time I was at your house that you don’t have any kitchen rugs. I just don’t know how anyone can function without a nice soft rug to stand on when you’re in the kitchen.” I have one in front of my sink and in front of the counter for when I’m doing  . .  um . . dishes crafts. She said, “Well you’re right, I don’t have kitchen rugs. But, I adore all the crafts you do and I’d like something in that genre.” I don’t think she actually said genre.

[Just last weekend I drove over to Walmart to get two more kitchen rugs — and are they ever pricey! $38 for a 2 x 3 and $22 for a small one. Holy cow! They used to be $28 and $18. So I thought that would be a nice useful gift. But, I love crafts so much more than rugs!] [See, I really DO try for useful and practical gifts first, but usually end up getting craft-type gifts.]


So, I planned my trip. I’d go to Crafty Wood Cutouts down in Orem first and work my way up through the Salt Lake Valley and then on to Ogden. It was my first time through Heber in years and was absolutely gorgeous and refreshing. Just what was needed. I listened to FM100 and cried through most of the songs about lost love, disappointment and broken hearts. I really did have a good, hard cry during one particular song. It was while driving near Coalville that I just began sobbing away, uncontrollably, wracked with regrets, a big ol‘ hole in my heart and wanting to start my whole life over. But, somehow, I got myself together by the time I hit Provo Canyon.

As long as I was in Orem I thought I should go to Shirley J and DCWV. I love all of their stuff. Shirley J has the most wonderful full-grain breakfast cereal and a whole-wheat pancake mix. Love, love, love! DCWV has adorable craft paper, cards and adorable gifts — things like that. I’ve never been there but always wanted to go. Next stop was PoppySeed crafts. Well, I tried to stop, recalling it was near 9000 South and about 300 West, but I drove around and couldn’t find it. Next was 7200 South where the SL Quilted Bear and Wood Connections are. I’m so glad they are conveniently near each other. I spent about two hours at those two places and I’m so looking forward to starting the projects I bought.

Tracy called when I was in Quilted Bear and wanted me to run to a Staples to get some of her favorite pens she had written so much with that they ran out of ink. Apparently she has a favorite pink pen and it no longer had a tip on it. She was “dying!” and desperate! [She and Blythe were in SLC at the Salt Palace for a wonderful seminar on body language and she had been writing for three full days with the same pink pen. “You DO know everything has to be color coded” and there must have been a whole lot of pink writing during this wonderful experience] So that was the next stop . . . trying to find a Staples in SL was interesting since no one seemed to have a phone book and the four different people I asked in the parking lot weren’t from that area. Someone at Wood Connection let me borrow their Iphone and I found one on 4th South and 6th East.

Later, with pens in hand, Tracy, Blythe and I met at Olive Garden for a nice lunch and talked about the seminar, family, friends, and got all caught up on Jessica. [Yay! Surgery on Monday!] [By the way, is anyone totally convinced, as I am, that a whole lot of Providence has been going on here? Not only will Jess be able to get all fixed up, but without the holes in her heart, she wouldn’t have been in SLC with her dad in the first place, and been able to help Jenny, who has had a whole different set of holes in her heart!] [No talk about coincidences here, please!]

After lunch I decided to go to Daves Health and Nutrition Store because I was in desperate need of Gentle Healer, Breath Ease and some Vitamin C from whole foods to get through the winter sniffles. The entire store smelled of wonderful herbs and oils. I could have stayed much longer. They had lots of sample bottles to try and by the time I left I smelled of an old-fashioned apothecary. Then I headed toward Ogden. It really was the perfect day for this little road trip. Nice weather, beautiful scenery. Lot’s of time to reflect. Finally there, I strolled through Quilted Bear looking for the perfect gift for Eileen and Mel. There was one I loved! But, it had a little mar, so I had to pass on it but plan to check back and see if there is a better one later on in the month. [Dang! That means another road trip!] I bought several things I ‘couldn’t live without’ and headed out of town. Oh. Stop. I saw Gordmans on Riverdale and decided it wasn’t quite dark and I had time to stop. Earlier in the month I had seen a woman in Evanston with the most adorable top on and asked her where she got it. She said Gordmans, so I did some checking and found out there was a new one in Ogden. I was totally overwhelmed and unprepared for that shopping experience and ended up getting nothing. WAY huge store and lots of stuff [too much!] to look at. It would take much more time than I had to do a proper investigation of the place. And I couldn’t come close to finding that cute top so I walked out empty handed.

I had one last stop, and that was Walmart in Evanston. I needed four things: BB that I had seen on Dr. Oz earlier in the week, wired ribbon for the candy canes I’m making, little off-white sprigs and Spanish moss for same said candy canes. I really should have stopped at Joanns or Michaels because Walmart had nothing! Nothing! Here I had spent the day passing all sorts of craft supply stores and didn’t stop at any of them. What was I thinking?


 This morning I feel refreshed and ready to face the week and get on with life. Yes, life is disappointing for me right now, but I think I can make it a few more days! I still need to unload the car and head to church. I highly recommend a girls day out — even if you’re [I’m] the only girl. I don’t mind being by myself  . . . and I just needed a day to get everything straight in my mind. Something Tracy said about going over a ‘mission statement’ in your mind every single night before bed and reciting positive affirmations — really hit me. I tried that on my way home and came up with many, many wonderful things I’m thankful for. It helped put things back together for me. It helped put me back together!

And, I’m going to be just fine.

[Even with this extra hour . . . I’m going to have to rush like crazy to get to church on time at 11:00!]


I know, right?