merry magical

This has been a magical Christmas. It’s been so fun on so many levels. I think getting my tree up early and getting things done ahead of time really helped. I got things in the mail early and didn’t have to fret over that. I was then able to more enjoy every single day as it arrived.

It was wonderful to have a new little one during this holiday season, as well. That really brought the Spirit of Christ into my heart. Mikelle and Logan [and Easton, for sure] are so enjoying their little bundle of pure joy!

[tried to put a picture here, but I’m having nothing but problems with pics lately!!!]

 Today was extra quiet. It is kind of odd — to say the least — to not have family around. We had only a few presents under the tree and it took two-and-a-half minutes to open them, once Stephen got here around 4 p.m. We had a great Christmas Dinner. Pork roast slow cooked for eight hours. Falling apart good! I was going to say falling off the bones good, but, aww, no bones. Stuffing from scratch, real mashed potatoes and country gravy, pasta salad, banana bread and peppermint ice cream. I don’t know when I’ve ever cooked so much. But it was a wonderfully peaceful, slow day and, for a nice change, I didn’t feel resentful for having to do all the ‘kitchen work.’

I was able to Face-Time with Cameron early this morning. So fun to see and talk to him. So fun to see Nicole and beautiful Emma. I swear I would love to have a granddaughter just like her!! Adorable. It is wonderful to recognize how close we’ve come in the past four years since Mom passed away. I give all the credit to her for softening hearts and bringing us together.

Then I Face-Timed with Tracy and her family. What a bunch of goof balls — and I mean that in the nicest way. So, so fun. Such a great family steeped in traditions and special moments. I appreciate Tracy and Richard so very much for the way they are raising their family.

I got some things put away. My kitchen is now craft-free, sort of. I’ve been enjoying making lots of holiday crafts and have had them all over the place. Now all of that is put away until next fall. There are lots of things I wish I would have finished but . . . it’s time.

I watched a couple of Christmas movies. Hallmark Channel is pretty harmless and sometimes pretty dopey, but I enjoyed watching a bunch of them this season. They really do leave a warm-glowy feeling all around.

I went into the bedroom and at one point said to Hubby, “Pretty anticlimactic, huh . . .” He’s like, uuh, what? anti what? It was fun shopping and wrapping and hoping each person had exactly what they needed/wanted. But next year I may have to crash someone’s Christmas, cause this was a little, well, anticlimactic.


:: I love my family ::

I love my children and grandchildren. They are the most important people to me. I adore them all. I want happiness and peace and love for each of them. I wish I could take each struggle and fix it. Or each hurt and kiss it away. I wish I could take each challenge and make it not challenging. [Like it seems my mother did for all of us.]

Merry Magical Christmas to all!

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