Last week I was in Ogden running errands. One of the places I had to go was Best Buy to get some electrical things for our gym scoreboard. I had told my boss I would be down there and would check out Radio Shack or Best Buy. It wasn’t dark yet so I’m not sure why I had my lights on. More and more I find that I turn on the headlights when I mean to turn on the wipers or, yes, even the radio. Yep, I’m losing it.

You guessed it, when I came out a few minutes later I had a dead battery. I knew the minute I clicked the key fob and didn’t hear the doors unlock. Dead. Dang it! I put the hood up and looked around for someone who might help me. And then I realized that I was pretty well boxed in and no one was going to be able to reach me anyway. I finally called Carol to see if Mike could help. Totally HATED doing that. They had had a busy day and I could hear little ones in the background. I hate bothering them. So I continued looking for someone who might be right there in the parking lot already instead of dragging Mike out in the cold and dark — away from his family. Someone came out of the store and made eye contact with me, I turned away, but a minute or so later he came back and asked if I needed help. I told him the situation and he immediately took over and told me what we were going to do. He had jumpers and as soon as the guy behind me left, we were going to roll my car backwards into that parking spot so that he could drive up in front of me and give me a jump.

His wife told me he was in the army. I said, “Yah, I could tell. He knows exactly what we’re doing and how were doing it and right now I totally appreciate that!”

Unfortunately, his jumper cables didn’t work, so we were all walking around the parking lot looking for a likely candidate with jumpers. I usually [um, yes, this has happened frequently so I know who to ask] ask guys with big trucks. There was a woman who walked toward a huge yellow Hummer so I approached and asked if she could help. She said she thought she had a pair and of course would help. I started crying again and couldn’t help thinking how good people are. She, indeed, walked over to our two cars a minte later and handed us the cables. Started right up and she insisted that I keep the jumpers. I said, “Oh, my goodness, no . . .  you are so kind. She insisted so I asked, “How about if we give them to this guy because I have some at home and his are broken.” She let us work it out and said, “Just pay it forward. That’s all I ask. Merry Christmas!!!” She had such a sweet smile and so much happiness and joy in her voice and countenance. I swear she was nearly skipping away from us.

The army fellow insisted I keep them and, in fact, put them in my trunk. I insisted they at least take my Great Harvest pumpkin chocolate chip loaf I had just bought.

There really are a whole lot of awesome people out there!