what’s today?

It’s 6:00. I actually woke up and thought it was Sunday. I immediately starting making a mental list of everything I needed to get done today before Logan get’s back in the evening. He’s been staying here while he works for Chris Condos four days a week and then heads back home to his little family. I knew I had to get the crafts put away from in the kitchen where they’ve taken up permanent residency for a month. I knew I needed to get his work clothes washed and check in hubby’s room for his laundry. I wanted to get the house vacuumed and dusted and the bathroom cleaned. I wanted to get one last present wrapped. I thought about what I could possibly put in the crock pot for a nice dinner. I knew I needed to work in a shower and thought about trimming my hair. [I look like a dang hippy!] I thought that maybe today I could get back to my personal history. I’d written up to my teen years a couple of months ago. I also thought I’d better get up to the school and move snow so that it had time to melt in the warmest part of the day so that it would be better for tomorrow [Monday.]

Then I realized today is Saturday.

Awe, I really should go back to bed. But, I had to check if I had any Words with Friends games. So I checked email and facebook, too. Then started going through my posts to change the categories. I honestly couldn’t find where to add a category. I wanted to add KINDNESS so that I could put that by RAK  — when people helped me jump my battery two weeks ago.

Seriously! Has it been two weeks?

I am in a time warp! I think it’s Sunday but it’s really Saturday and, besides that, two whole weeks have passed without me even noticing! What the heck! What the cow!

I keep noticing I am turning into my mother. My very mother. Oh, wait. I don’t mean to imply that I got any of her good traits. I don’t mean, for a minute, to imply that I am kind or loving or forgiving of soft or wise or sharing or a great cook. I don’t have a clue how to comfort anyone or show my love or appreciation. I don’t know how to bring peace back to a turbulent situation.

But boy howdy! Am I ever seeing a resemblance between the two of us when it comes to being forgetful, clumsy, silly, unable to navigate through the computer, finding something on line, fixing a picture from Flickr, etc. I’m just like her when it comes to not having a clue what day of the week it is. I’m making huge blunders that she started making when she was, oh, like 75 or so. For example, I was in the shower one day last week and it was so dang foggy. I reached up to wipe the water out of my eyes only to find that I had my reading glasses on. Uh, duh! I — more and more– embarrass myself at work because I honestly can’t remember what I did ten minutes ago. I will clean the bathroom mirror twice, not remembering I was just in the C-hall girl’s bathroom. I will stop dead in the middle of a sentence and if I’m even the tiniest bit distracted, can’t remember what the heck we were even speaking of. So embarrassing! I get that sheepish look on my face and the person I’m talking to tries to smooth things over and say things like “That’s OK. I do that all the time, too.”

Even my face is starting to look like hers. My whole life I’ve looked more like dad and now I can see Mom in my face when I look in the mirror. I showed a couple of friends this picture from our brother/sister party [that I tried to load on the page a couple of posts back, but couldn’t!] and they said I look like Eileen and Carol and Mom. Hmmm. I always thought Rob and I looked most alike.

[OK! I’ve tried to upload this picture about ten times! I will have to call Tracy, again, and she will talk to me like I am six years old. Seriously, she hasn’t been very patient with me lately. She says things like “I just did it and it took exactly 3.5 seconds!” or “OK, go to this window and click this, then type that, push this and you’ve got it.” Thing is, I don’t got it! I just have to pretend I got it and then call her in a couple more days to see if she will help me. Ugh.]


Last week I lost paragraphs of what I was typing over and over and over! It was a good thing I did since they were not nice paragraphs.

Uh, more like Mom. Losing it. I’m telling you!

And then I hate when people say ,”You’ve just got too much going on!” They are trying to make me feel better. “Your brain is overloaded! It’s hard to keep so much in there!” or “I know just what you mean. Yesterday I had to look for my keys.” Um . . . I don’t have a clue what day it is, which is a little different than misplacing my keys. At least you know you have keys and what they are used for!”  [JK — lest you actually believe I’ve lost it that much!]