I know it’s been a while! I’ve been busy. Not overwhelmed-busy, just busy-busy. I guess you know that Mikelle and her little family are moving to Bridger Valley — Ft. Bridger to be more exact. They have been living with me during the week for about three months. And, I’ve been busy.

I’ve also eaten like a pig for three months. Mikelle, Logan and hubby like to have dinner on the table every single night. They like meat. They like potatoes. They like casseroles and pasta and thick and creamy soups. They like bread and rolls and ice cream and cheese. They like snacks and pop and juice. They like butter and gravy and honey and jam.

Yep. [And I’m way too old to like any of that. I can’t afford to like any of that! Because, it keeps me right where I don’t want to be.]

Me? I like to come home from 9 hours of work and catch up on the news and watch a favorite show, play some games, play my newly-favorite Mirium Webster brain builders, and relax a little. I like to take a nice nap from 3-4 p.m. I like to find a little something to eat. I like to make some phone calls. And, I love being in bed by 8 p.m.

But, I’ve been busy.

Not that I’ve minded. The added bonus of having company is having someone to talk to, having someone to help with cooking and cleaning, having Easton to play with, having Little Miss to cuddle.

Today they are unpacking the snow machine trailer and getting things into their new [to-them] place.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Mikelle and I packed up about 50 boxes and totes. [We bought $230 of totes!] Logan got home Thursday night. They packed and dissembled and stacked and cleaned the rest of Friday and hubby drove the snow machine trailer to Logan this morning [Saturday] at 7:00.

See . . . busy-busy!

I also worked four basketball games in there somewhere. Oh, and I teach tomorrow and have to get going on my lesson. I don’t know when I have ever waited this long to get prepared. I really need to get to work!

So, now you’re all caught up!

But, wait. There is something else. Something exciting. It will be showing up around here next week. Can you guess? My tired old blog is getting a new facelift! Jessica, Tracy’s dear and brilliant friend has been working around all my crazy ideas and frequent mind-changing and is going to lighten up the place. She drew a bunch of things and color-coordinated others. She advised me on still more. You should, seriously, check her out over at Eleven-Sixty.