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I don’t even know where to start. The last four days have been a roller coaster of emotion, fear, PRAYERS, pleading, bargaining, crying, phone calls, texts to family and friends for prayers.

Tracy had a terrible reaction after her injections on Tuesday and has been having seizures and passing out ever since. I don’t understand all the whys and wherefores but apparently they are figuring it out and getting some understanding about the entire situation. Some of it makes perfect sense to me. It rings of logic and reason. Some of it seems pretty odd and I find myself raising my eyebrows in concern and doubt when I hear it and some of it just scares me silly!

I called Tracy’s house about noon on Tuesday Wednesday, seriously, I’ve lost track of time. I’m not sure what day it was.

I’ll start over. Richard called me around 8 pm one night and said, “Tracy needs your prayers. She is having a really bad reaction from her injections. She has been passing out and having seizures. We are getting ready to give her a blessing. Please pray for her immediately.” He called back in two minutes with Tracy’s instructions to get out of bed and on my knees.

Oh, my goodness. I talked to Kat several times and she calmly explained what was going on. She said that Tracy walked out of the injection room [first time she was able to walk out!] She stopped to pay at the desk and passed out. They got her back into the room and checked BP and heart rate, which both seemed to be fine. They gave her juice, fruit and cheese sticks to help stabilize her, but she had three more episodes. She finally was able to be helped into the car and Kat drove her home. Then she passed out four more times at home and THIS is when Richard called me.

The next day I was able to talk to her in the morning. We were discussing the option of having an infusion. She [or someone] called Dr. West in Pocatello and it was decided she needed a massive infusion to help restore her electrolytes and key vitamins and minerals to stabilize her system. Oh, my goodness! The next time I called was around noon and Keziah said she is on the floor. They were trying to get her to ‘come to’ so they could get her into the car and take her for infusions. Wonderfully, they were able to go to a doctor right in Idaho Falls and didn’t have to go back to Pocatello. [Apparently Dr. West spoke to this local doctor and they were all on the same page.] [I’ll get his name . . .]

Many seizures and fainting episodes later she is home, able to speak a little more coherently, has regained the use of her limbs, went to the bathroom herself, was able to use her fingers and hands to type a little. She is taking the advice of several people she trusts and is eating red meat to build back her iron.

I’m telling you, I have never in my life been so grateful for her group of friends who have helped her and stayed by her side since Tuesday. [Was it Tuesday?] Sometimes I’m a little jealous of them. When I call she is either talking to in-person or on the phone to one of them and I feel like I’m kind of, um, you know. Unimportant. But, then I always realize how wonderfully blessed she has been by this close-knit silly group of friends who would do anything for each other. And, believe me . . . . they take turns doing it. If I were Jen, Kat, Liz or Amy, I’d be worrying a little because all of these things seem to keep coming around. Jessica has taken her turn so she’s doesn’t have to worry for a while.

Photo bombing! Of course this isn’t a recent picture. Just showing her amazing friends.

I love my Tracy. She is such a joy to me. I’ve adored her every single second of her life. Wait. There was that time when she actually adopted Mrs. Charles as her go-to-person for several months. Seriously! Mrs. Charles. Well, I forgive her for that.

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