Monthly Archives: February 2013


say what?

Seems like I’ve said, “sheesh” a lot lately. And, here it is again. SHEESH! What the heck is Instagram? I was going to ask on Facebook but, seriously, didn’t want my friends to know that I didn’t know. I know it has something to do with pictures and hash names or something like that. I […] Read the Rest…



I admit it, I was pretty upset on Sunday. I had spent most of the week preparing a wonderful lesson on making a difference in the lives of those around us. I loved the message. I loved the two stories. I loved all the amazing and catchy quotes that I found and had made adorable […] Read the Rest…



I was trying to clean up things. No, not around the house, although I’ve done a lot of that today, too. I have been cleaning out my email in-boxes on all four of my emails. I was down to just 18 on hotmail and I have just one on my school account. I cleaned out […] Read the Rest…