stomach ache-y all over

All dressed up and nowhere to go! I woke up at 3:30 this morning after a long night of tossing and turning. I even played Conversations  [Mormon Channel] on my iPad to make me drowsy but I realized I was still awake about every half-hour.

So much on my mind.

Our superintendent is on Administrative Leave.

I had a part in that. Our district hired a private investigator from Cheyenne to take statements from people with complaints about him. He came and stayed three whole days in our district. I was one of the last people to speak to him and in fact had a phone conversation with him after he had returned to Cheyenne, instead of a face-to-face. Mikelle was in the hospital giving birth to sweet Oaks.

The investigation was to find out if there were any employees who felt they were intimidated, bullied and/or sexually harassed.

When Mr. S first came to Bridger Valley he presented himself as a very nice, family-oriented, sports-enthusiast, education-minded professional. Within six months or so he began to change. He wasn’t so ‘clean cut.’ I heard him tell an off-colored joke. Several times over a three-year period he totally intimidated me. He told me to ignore what the Board had specifically told me to do about a situation and to do what he told me, instead. One day he flat out bullied me. I was so upset, I of course blogged about it on here. Two more times I felt like my job was in jeopardy. He made no secret of the fact that I am an “at will” employee and could be terminated at any moment.

I began to not know where I stood. I began to wonder if I’d still have a job if I didn’t do exactly what he said.

Then I started hearing some of the things he did to other employees. He told one teacher she should stay home and do the mommy-thing. He fired a teacher. He threatened another. I heard him belittle and demean a principle at our finance meeting. I heard him speak rough. I heard him challenge our long-held ideas for our town and district.

I feel sick to my stomach about how this has divided our town and school. There are those who absolutely worship him. There are those who can’t stand him. We all seem to be divided  — with him at the center. Nothing anyone who supports him says changes my mind about how I feel. Nothing I say convinces them that he is a jerk. I’ve actually lost FB friends over my lack of support for the guy!

Oh. There are numerous petitions going around and lots of people on facebook telling all of us to write/call the State Superintendent of Education. There are people at basketball games and swim meets with tables set up to sign on the line. Everyone is talking about it.

My stomach turns.

The thing is, I really like both of his sons who are at the high school. They are good kids. They are good athletes. They are decent and polite and say Hello to me every day. They are cool. They built a new home here. They are going to suffer because of what their dad has done. They will probably have to move.

I get queasy just thinking how it is turning their lives up side down. And, I can’t sleep.

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  1. tracy

    Oh dear…that sounds like a huge mess and cause for plenty of anxious moments. I am loving your new look here and can’t wait to see the finished product!

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