if i had a dollar for every time i said moron

So, now that I’ve got this cute new overhaul . . . you’d think I’d be totally overhauling other major areas in my life, yes? Like a fresh new attitude about morons. Like a fresh new way to eat healthier. Like a fresh new way to keep my bedroom clean. Like a fresh new way to organize my crafts.

Um. Let’s just say I have the fresh new place to post.

This past couple of weeks have drained me. My work . . . The situation there. Let me just cut and paste a post from FB and you will totally understand why I am eating like a mad cow!

I love u mama Sharon, I respect ur thoughts as well as Margo’s and everyone else’s. My kids and I have sometimes been treated poorly and sometimes I do feel that it is because I do not practice my religion in going to church on a weekly basis even though I have my beliefs, my beliefs are just that.. My beliefs and I raise my kids to that knowledge and what they do with it is their own choice. I do happen to think that this is not religion based. I have not heard it to be or believe it to be. What it comes down to is Kent to my knowledge and to the information given publicly has done a awesome job, I have heard he has changed some things and there are people that didn’t like that, people get set in their own ways and don’t like to change, well change is good and according to the facts they have been good in our schools as well, I believe that is directly to do with Kent Stokes, and for the the people in the meeting standing behind their lawyer telling everyone that basically it is not our right to know what is going on is horse crap!! I believe Stokes has a right to know as does the people of this town. I am not bashing churches, I am not bashing anything. I simply saying that it is crap when such
A big thing that affects our children’s future happens, we should be aware of the facts!! This has smelt fishy the whole time since this started and I am sick of this stuff happening… Thanks to Lyman and a couple kids who didn’t like their music teacher… Mountain view has a great music program… I was listening to the 6th graders singing at the game a couple weeks and they sounded amazing.. So hey congrats mt view, due to this kind of thing u got lucky with Mrs. Lamose (prob spelt wrong… Sorry) I just don’t understand what’s going on and these sorts of things keep happening. I support Mr. Stokes and his family, as all I see is him doing a good job. I don’t nose myself in others business, so I don’t know everything about him or all what he has done, but I know he has done good for my kids in the school and made some great changes and has never hurt me or my family, so therefore I support him and demand that they give us answers as we deserve that being a part of this community! I never wanted church to be brought into it. I know mama Sharon and her family has been hurt by some members of the church when she was here and had kids in school, I know how that feels it leaves a wound inside you that does not heal and I wish that never to happen again to anyone, because it hurts. So I understand why she is saying what she is saying, I also respect Margo and her looks on it and both have great outlook on it. I just don’t think this is the case here. Like I said I don’t know alot of what is going on and why it is happening, but for whatever reasons I feel the people who are fighting this needs to stand up and tell them what this is about. How can they even fight when they don’t know what this is over. And I agree this kindof thing happens everywhere, it just seems that Lyman is not going about this the right way and wish they would stand up and speak there opinion so at least everyone knows what the fight is about instead of saying its confidential, well it sure was not confidential that they didn’t renew his contract now was it.

Maddening! I especially like the statement “I don’t nose myself in other’s business.”

OK, I’m over it.

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