b . .t . .w . .

By the way . . . I did get something for Valentine’s Day after all. On Friday, I was just leaving to go vacuum the church and a lady was just driving up. She said, “Are you Dorothy? Oh, good! Looks like I just caught you in time!”

Beautiful flowers! Red roses with a fresh spray of Baby’s Breath. Cute vase with matching ribbon. I read the card and immediately knew Mikelle had sent them. It said, “Better Late Than Never, Love Leonard”

Seriously! Do you think I don’t recognize hubby’s voice on paper? He would 1] never think of a clever thing like, Better Late Than Never, and 2] would never say LOVE Leonard.

I do appreciate them, just the same. I love how they smell and look next to my other cutsie-heart covered things on the table. I appreciate the thought . . . but it would have meant more coming on Thursday and coming from hubster.

OK, I’m trying to be grateful. I’m trying to be nice. This is me . . . trying to be nice.