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I can’t write enough about the Mormon Channel. I’m not sure when I have been so obsessed with anything in my life! Oh, wait . . . I can think of plenty of times. After all, I have a diagnosis! OCD and OBCD. [Inside joke there.] [Just say the second set of letters really fast and you’ll figure out why this blog is called Weighing Matters :]

Man I crack myself up.


I just started listening to the segments on Church History to go along with our current study assignments for Gospel Doctrine! Holy Cow what a onslaught of fascinating information! I could listen forever to intelligent, educated, informative, well-spoken, literate, enunciating, interesting people.
Please, if you haven’t downloaded Mormon Channel to your hand-held device, please do it right this second!


And, you can thank me later!

One thought on “more mon . .

  1. jessica

    I love Mormon Channel too!

    Trace says you are having font issues. You need to tell me what’s up so I can fix it for you, you silly goose. Anything else driving you nuts? E-mail me!!! ← look, I used an excess of exclamation points because this is your language, right? So you know I mean it!!!! ← even more!


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