rivet, rivet

No, that’s not frog talk!

I’ve been working on my lesson. It’s a good one! I have learned so much and think I can actually feel myself changing just the tiniest bit for the better.  Of course, I already posted what it’s about and all about the crafts I bought for a display. But, here is one part of my lesson that struck me. It keeps overrunning my mind.

The other day I was watching a Mormon Message video and it dawned on me that Elder Ballard has given a similar message twice in a short amount of time. You might remember in 2011, he talked about how tiny flecks of gold accumulate to make a valuable treasure.

Then, in this talk, Elder Ballard talks about the tiny contributions of individual bees, and how that tiny contribution makes a productive, successful hive. It’s that principle of “power in the small things” that stuck with me!  . . . And based on this old talk by President Eyring, I’ve learned that when prophets and apostles repeat messages/principles, it should rivet our attention.

That’s the rivet part!

Then there is the part about all truth being confirmed by the mouths of two or three witnesses. Oh, my goodness! How many times has one prophet said something and another prophet quotes him and re-testifies to a principle or a truth. I want to be listening! I want to be following!

I have recommitted to being more aware of talks/lessons/addresses when the message is familiar. Instead of saying, “Sheesh, I’ve heard this a dozen times,” I’m going to say “Holy Cow, this must really be important. I need to listen up, follow up and measure up.”

So, both of these talks by Elder Ballard are about making a difference. He tells us how important it is to be kind, helpful, serve others. It’s so important to “be the Lord’s hands.” To help the Lord help others by doing what He isn’t right here to do. I’m not saying He couldn’t just perform a huge miracle. He can. He does! But He, usually blesses people through the works of you and me and others who might be listening for a teensy prompt to go serve or help someone in need.

I typed up a list of 282 random acts of kindness. I sent off four cute cards to people I appreciate. I waved some people through the four-way stop and let them go ahead of me. I held some doors open for others. I smiled and took interest in people I usually don’t smile at or take note of.

Sheesh! I feel great!!!! It lifted them . . . but, it lifted me!!!!

Elder Ballard illustrates the spiritual truth that Alma taught his son Helaman:  Alma 37: 6-7

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. …
“… And by very small means the Lord … bringeth about the salvation of many souls.”

Hello!!!! Our kind deeds, our service, our small and simple things save souls! Because it brings them to an awareness that the Gospel is important in our lives and it possible can create a desire in their hearts to learn more. That’s my take.

Oh, my gosh! I couldn’t help but share my excitement. I can’t wait to teach this conference talk. I am so blessed to have this church calling!