I was trying to clean up things. No, not around the house, although I’ve done a lot of that today, too. I have been cleaning out my email in-boxes on all four of my emails. I was down to just 18 on hotmail and I have just one on my school account. I cleaned out yahoo and gmail all the time, too. So, when I saw a place I could clean up on my blog, guess what I did! You guessed it! I saw a whole bunch of old pictures that I’ve used the past four years. I thought, well, I’m pretty sure I’ll never use those again. I might as well delete them! It took me well over an hour on two separate occasions to go through all of the silly things I added to my posts. Street signs with my weight on them, pictures of crafts, things I’ve copied off of Goggle Images . . .  And I got them out of my gallery. The only thing I left in there were pictures of family.

Well . . . little did I know that it would take all of those pictures out of my posts, too. So now I have 877 posts, many of them with no pics! I’m pretty dang devastated! I’m pretty dang irritated and I’m pretty dang . . . oh, just mad at myself for not knowing that in the first place. Oh, Wait! I did practice though! I took the frog out of the gallery from my last post and then looked back at the post and froggy was still there . . . so I thought it was safe. See, I DID try it out first. But, I forgot that I hadn’t refreshed the page, so of course the frog was still there. Once I deleted about 300 pictures and then refreshed the posts, I saw Mr. Frog had gone the way of all the world . . . And that’s when I panicked! I looked at about ten posts in the past and sure ’nuff . . . picture-less!

I know there’s nothing I can do at this point. And I know it’s not the end of the world, but I do have a tummy ache over the whole thing! And I keep beating myself up, too.

Oh, well. I’ll survive. You’ll survive. I’ve learned a valuable lesson and I’ll never do that again. So, since we’re all here to learn, I’ll just have to be content that I learned a big one over this, and that although I’m frustrated and embarrassed, I will someone be able to carry on and on and on.


2 thoughts on “sheesh!

  1. tracy

    Oh dear! I am so, so sorry! Your gallery is where the picture files are stored, so if they are not there they don’t exist in your blog’s mind.

    I want to cry for you!

  2. jessica

    It might be possible to have your host restore your site from a backup, but we’ll want to download your theme first or it might revert back to comic sans land.

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