snow finally

We’ve had a dry winter. Everyone around us has had more than their fair share. North Ogden got 18 inches last week. Logan got a foot! Tracy said Rigby had lots too. Us? Nuttin! We’ve had dirty brown grass for most of the winter.

Today we have two [or so] fresh inches. And I can’t wait to go out and play in it. I can’t wait to clean off the car and shovel the walk. I can’t wait to go run the Bobcat up at the school.

Photo: Now we begin to strategize how we will get out of the house to begin the clean up.  Close to 30inches with 4 and 5 foot drifts. Now that's winter!

This is the picture out my friend’s New Hampshire window this morning.
30 inches!!!

And here’s our little sprinkling . . . Sheesh, you can still see the leaves on the ground and the flat basketball Easton was playing with last September.


OK, clearly I need some lessons on how to make my pictures bigger!