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. . . from my adorable friend, Karen, whose husband, Paul, died about twenty years ago. [In response to my previous post . . ]

But…if you eat alone, you get to eat all of it yourself. And I get both pillows. Seriously, it has been a great day. I don’t want to seem insensitive to single people who struggle, but I KNOW the Lord loves those of us who are single. Maybe I’m just in a good place in my life right now, but life is fun, and I’m grateful. The single life hasn’t always been a piece of cake for me (excuse the Valentines pun), but I have felt taken care of and watched over and blessed constantly. I know that means I need to do a better job of blessing others because I have so much.

She also posted this . .

Started the day at 7:30 am teaching a section in choral methods about repertoire selection. Then went to diction class and got smoked in German pronunciation (the other two students in the class are from Germany. And they’re brilliant.) Had lunch at Kneader’s with Kristine Gifford of Sidney, Montana, my best friend since second grade. (So fun.) Came back to my office to a piece of fudge left for me by one of my students. Ahhhh, :) Brought cookies to conducting class because I felt that the poor, overworked 20-something doctoral students in there needed them. (I feel like their mother. I love them. And they need to eat.) Had my conducting skills (or lack thereof) thoroughly critiqued. As usual. Taught a voice section in music for elementary ed majors with my awesome friend and colleague Brittany. Came home and played the piano and sang and did absolutely nothing productive. There. I’ve just twittered my Valentine’s day to you. :) A good day. Good night. )

I see that it’s all in perspective! I should have bought myself something adorable. I should have had dinner with Becky! [Actually, she bought me lunch!] I should have gone for a pedicure. I should have . . . done lots of things, since I knew it would be that kind of forgetful day. Shame on me for feeling all sorry for myself!

[Oh, my gosh I adore this red print with these new colors!!!! How cute is that!!! Thank you Jessica!!!]

And this from Jill . . .

Good Friday morning!! I hope you have the best day of your life today! No, not because it’s Friday, but because it’s another new day with all of the potential that you allow it to have! Make the most of it through a love filled heart. I love YOU :)

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