a few bees

I had planned all week on heading to Utah to get a little something for my lesson next Sunday. If you know me at all, you know that I must have a display either geared toward the lesson, or geared toward the season. Last month, for instance, I had darling hearts because by the time I gave this months lesson — which is actually the last Sunday in February — of course, Valentine’s Day would be long over. So, I did the hearts two weeks before V Day, instead of two weeks after.

It was adorable!!!

IMG_0739 Here are the two hearts I used,
although the display was much cuter than this.

This month my lesson is Elder M. Russell Ballard’s Be Anxiously Engaged conference talk. You  may recall, he spoke about the 1/12 teaspoon of honey that each honey bee produces in its lifetime. I remembered seeing [the last couple of times I was there . . .] a lot of bee-oriented collectibles in a booth at the 7200 South Quilted Bear in Murray. I suddenly wanted one or two of those to display on a yellow-gold checked cloth. I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Unfortunately, when I got there yesterday, those things had either all sold or were in storage for April or May . . . and I bought something else instead. I think they will be equally darling. [I also drove to the Ogden quilted Bear and got the little whimsical flower and bee to set along side.]


Now I can start working on my lesson. I just couldn’t seem to focus without having the display being taken care of.

The most interesting part of the trip, though, was a stop at IKEA. My virgin visit, as I’ve not been there before, although I have passed by it several times to or from Orem or Cabella’s. Oh, my!!! I must say that it WAS an experience. I would highly recommend to anyone experienceing their maiden voyage, so to speak, to take along a partner or two, with phones  . .  and a map. Holy Cow! I spent most of my two hours there, lost. I did find lots of things to look at and even wanted to buy this fun fruit bowl for Tracy’s birthday.


So adorable!

And last, but far from least, I was going to go to the movie, Safe Haven, but talked myself out of it on two occasions. First, when I was just passing Bountiful and was getting movie times from Tracy via cell. She told me that one in Centerville started at 2:15 — just 20 minutes hence. I ran and got a Subway oven roasted chicken foot long and was stuffing it in my mouth in order to get to the movie on time. But I, seriously, couldn’t find a parking place and didn’t want to hike a block all the while gulping down the last half of my sandwich, so I opted to drive to Ogden, visit the Wood Creation, and go to the Quilted Bear in New Gate and then head to the 4:30 movie. Once again, at 3:45, I decided not to wait the 45 minutes until movie time and just headed for home

It was a beautiful day. I feel refreshed. I feel fulfilled. I feel ready with my display. I feel as though I had a wonderful ‘girl day out’. It’s similar to the popular Girls’ Day Out where two or more friends head off for fun-fill adventures. [One of these days I will ask my friend, Becky, to go with me.]