Can I just apologize to everyone for not catching the weigh/weight typos I’ve had over the past four years. According to one dear sweet lady, I have misused it/them over 500 times. I say stupid things like

“I don’t want to weight less than 140.” — something I wrote in a recent post.

Why do you say “weight” when you mean weigh? I think this is about the 500th time you have typed it that way…today I finally asked.

My fingers are so on autopilot and of course it zooms right past spell check because weight is a word. If you knew how many times I type ‘about’ wrong . . . you’d scream. I type it ‘abaout’ almost every single time and have to go back and take out the extra a. And my brain just types weight when I really mean weigh.

Sorry abaout that!! Oops, about.

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