Time for a major catch up! I look every day at the ten or so blogs I like and get a tiny bit irritated when they don’t have some miraculous, exciting, encouraging, inspiring or fun post. And yet, I don’t take the time and effort to write miraculous, exciting, encouraging, inspiring, fun posts myself. It’s often because I don’t feel like I should write unless I’m OK in the “eat” department. I’m so far behind that I’m going to do a recap.

I hesitate to talk about weight. It’s been, like, four years, [is it four, Tracy?] that I’ve been trying to be motivated to eat healthy and to exercise post my Weight Watchers 36 pound loss. I just want to be healthy. I don’t want to run a marathon or sport bulky triceps. I don’t want to weigh less that 140. I don’t want to constantly worry about it, either. I just want to wear a size ten, a medium, and feel good about myself. I don’t want water in my ankles every single night. I don’t want to have diabetes. I don’t want to obsess [gee, ya think?]  I started ‘dieting’ in January and ended up gaining about ten pounds. I then started HCG and ended up losing, then gaining. Then about three weeks ago — when  Mikelle started exercising and I saw immediate results — I started walking at the school for 15 minutes each day. I was in the PAC and worked the stairs [rather, they worked me!] I started feeling better pretty dang fast. That motivated me to eat better. That motivated me to grocery shop better. That just totally motivated me to be better!

So, hopefully, without jinxing myself I’ll just say that I was waaaay up, about 157 and now I’m 150. I’ve still got my goal set on 140 because at that weight all the charts at least say I’m not obese! Hate that word!!! And I’m fitting back into those same pants I had my eye on four years ago. So that’s progress, Yes?

Speaking of recapping . . . Here’s what I’ve done lately.

IMG_0741Easton had his first sleep over. We both slept on the couch in a pile of camping blankets.

IMG_0747Met up with Tracy and friends at Old Spaghetti Factory. I drove Mikelle to SLC for a new do from Famous Sabrina. I watched kids while she beautified. We shopped a little and ate a lot!

IMG_0757Went to Oaklyn’s blessing in Logan. This would have been a darling picture but I left my camera in the car and it was extremely foggy. It worked fine later when it didn’t matter as much!

IMG_0766Made a cute Spring craft.

There, I’m all caught up. Oh wait. There is more. I’ve obsessed to the point of physical sickness over the uproar in our district right now. I’ve talked to both Tracy and Mikelle about it on a daily basis and tried hard to not talk about it on here or facebook. Just know that it is escalating and getting scary! [I’m so proud I haven’t eaten myself silly over the whole thing. In fact, the walking and exercising has helped calm my nerves a bit.]

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