cup runneth

I went to some women’s meetings in SLC yesterday and enjoyed the entire day. First, let me say how wonderful it is to be elbow-to-elbow with 2000 totally modest women. Second, let me say I’ve never seen so many knit, striped maxi skirts at one time in my entire life!

I love this one but can’t find it anywhere. Oh, my gosh it is out of stock everywhere and I simply MUST have it.


There are two ways to wear it – – like this with the chevron design, or sideways with a diagonal line. LOVE it! Love the color, Love the shape, Love the price. Love the fit!

Um. No where to be found.

Second, let me say how completely and utterly filled with the Spirit I felt. What a wonderfully-fulfilling and warm and just plain lovely atmosphere. What a timely message. What a connection I felt to total strangers. What a blessing to have had such a wonderful experience.

Third, let me just say what a small world it is. I was in the long bathroom line at the Assembly Hall and ran into my sister-in-law, Alice!!!!! How fun is that!!!

And, fourth. I not only went to a fantastic meeting, I also, somehow, seemed to work in going to four craft stores on the same trip. Totally extraordinary, I must say. I saw some adorable things that I want to someday create for myself, bought some fun projects, bought cute, cute paper and paint. Then I went to Home Depot and bought some wood which a very nice guy in an orange apron insisted on cutting for me. I ate at Pita Pit and listened to FM 100 the whole day long.

Yes, I’m good to go another 10,000 miles!

Oh, wait  . . . and the really good part is I’m heading down there again in the morning to attend the morning session of Conference. Holy Cow. It’s almost more than one person can handle!