What a great couple of days! I seriously think it’s the 21-day Meditation Challenge. Gee, I wish I had those words right in front of me to read every single day. I listen to them but it’s not the same as reading . . . for me. I need all the sensory fields I can use. I need to see and hear at the same time, or touch and smell at the same time. And chances are, even will multiple experiences, I may not remember anyway.

Sadly, my two daughters saw first had what it’s going to be like for the next 13 years. Yes, I’ve decided to live to age 75. That’s it! This past week at Tracy’s I continually forgot what I was saying, mixed up my words, used ‘tater tots’ in place of CROUTONS a half dozen times, and got frustrated at very minute things. Ugh. But I had so much fun with my girls and with my grands.

One of the most wonderful experiences was Wednesday evening in the Idaho Falls temple. It was the culmination of a year’s worth of family history research and work. Tracy had bookoo couples ready for sealings and she reserved two sealing rooms so that she and many friends could do the Lord’s work. It was very, very wonderful, if I could possibly overuse that word one more time!!!!!! And how about a few extra exclamation points!!!!!!! I got to witness, first hand, what the Spirit feels like and what pure joy and radiance looks like on the faces of so many dear people.

We also shopped! And we finished a black board for Tracy. I hope she posts about it on her blog because she got lot’s of pics along the way.

Back home . . . up six pounds [oh, who cares!] and back to working at getting things cleaned up, laundry caught up, dishes done. Sheesh! I walked in the house Saturday night and could smell the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Hubby didn’t rinse or wash them, just put them, grease and all, into the dishwasher. Double Ugh! But they’re clean now, today’s dishes are put away, I’m on my second batch of at least eight batches of laundry. And I have tons of Spring/Summer crafts to get started on. And a couple of Wedding/Birthday crafts. I can hardly wait. Two more days of Spring Break and I’m determined to enjoy every single moment!

I will be listening to the Mormon Channel all day and over-dosing on Church History. I just can’t get enough of it. We had a little tech-y class for our combined RS/Priesthood hour yesterday. I just couldn’t quit talking about the Mormon Channel. I hope that everyone within shouting distance yesterday will now listen every spare moment because one could not be more sustained in their daily struggles than by listening to all of the amazing, inspiring, faith-promoting programs. Whatever your interests or struggles, Mormon Channel has got something to help.

And one last thing . . . how about that cute family on the YW broadcast Saturday. They are locals from Bridger Valley! Yes, sir eee! The Fossett family that I love and adore. Maybe look again, and you’ll recognize them.

Yesterday I got an unexpected call from the Stake President and will have news to share in a few weeks. Shhh, it’s supposed to be a secret for now. But just know, I am totally excited to be growing in a new direction.