Monthly Archives: May 2013


high on being high

It’s got to have been one of the most spiritual moments of my life! Saturday at the Idaho Falls Temple was a one-of-a-kind kind of day. What made it special? Well, Chris Hale took out her own endowment. [I don’t know why it is called that . . . that’s is such an odd phrase.] There […] Read the Rest…


to listen and to pray

Wow. Two awesome sessions at the Idaho Falls temple today. I think I’m finally getting it. I feel like I’m finally getting why my mother loved temple work. I’m finally getting a taste of what it feels like to listen to the Spirit and feel His influence. I’m feeling/receiving answers to my most pressing prayers. […] Read the Rest…


62 and gaining

OK, so it’s my birthday. Seriously! So?! Sheesh, they are coming so fast now. It seems like I barely get used to saying one number and the next year is here already and I have to move up . . . again! It’s why I’ve always rounded up. I only have to remember one number […] Read the Rest…