Snow. Sheesh. May 2. Fog. Frozen fog. Scrape-the-window-and-break-a-fingernail fog. It’s been an incredibly odd Spring.

But, on the bright side, I’m excited about going to the temple again this weekend. I’m not sure I can swing both days like I did a couple of weeks ago, but I’d like to at least go on Friday afternoon. My goodness, I never saw myself as someone who looked forward to temple worship. When Mom was alive we’d have a family temple day twice a year, one around her birthday and one around Dad’s. And I didn’t really make much of an effort to go any other time. A few times I went to a ward/stake temple day. But just to go? No. Uh-uh.

Since Tracy has been doing family work and has been so on-fire about doing work for her family, I’ve caught a little bit of the vision and have enjoyed — so enjoyed — going as well. I’ve loved the feeling of peaceful knowledge, peaceful truth, peaceful prayer, peaceful assurance, peaceful love that I am completely aware of there. I’ve loved ‘connecting’ with the person I’m doing work for. I’ve loved knowing that my family is somehow being blessed with their own individual needs when I go to the temple. I love knowing that God is aware.

I keep thinking I’d like to go to the Vernal temple, but those icy, two-lane roads scare me to death. It’s quite the venture through the Flaming Gorge area, Manila, and those mountain passes. So, I’ll save that for a summer trip and just head to my Utah faves. Maybe Mt. Timp this week. Or Provo. Or Draper. Or Oquir Mountain. So many choices.

We really, truly are so blessed.

I’ve been trying to work on a personal situation the past several months and temple attendance is helping me to sort it out. It’s helping to see how I can find peace. It’s helping me to know that I can be guided through this process with quiet reflection and subtle promptings.

“Temples are places of personal revelation. When I have been weighed down by a problem or a difficulty, I have gone to the House of the Lord with a prayer in my heart for answers. The answers have come in clear and unmistakable ways.” [Pres Benson}

I know your lives are busy. I know that you have much to do. But I make you a promise that if you will go to the house of the Lord, you will be blessed; life will be better for you.” [Pres Hinckley]

“I urge our people everywhere, with all of the persuasiveness of which I am capable, to live worthy to hold a temple recommend, to secure one and regard it as a precious asset, and to make a greater effort to go to the House of the Lord and partake of the spirit and the blessings to be had therein.” [Pres Hinckley]

Even though thick fog is clear to the ground and coating all the trees with thick, brittle whiteness this morning, I’m confident that by this afternoon there will be sunshine. And, even though a ‘spiritual fog’ often surrounds me, I’m confident that ‘Sonshine’ will soon be evident all around.

Oh, gee. I’m so sappy. But seriously! I really mean it!