62 and gaining

OK, so it’s my birthday. Seriously! So?!

Sheesh, they are coming so fast now. It seems like I barely get used to saying one number and the next year is here already and I have to move up . . . again! It’s why I’ve always rounded up. I only have to remember one number for five whole years.

Yah, that used to be funner than it is now. Saying I’m 65 is pretty painful!

Oh, my goodness, and all the fuss. It kind of drives me crazy. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be sweet and gracious and full of gratitude, and I am — well, I don’t know about the sweet part — but I just don’t like to be reminded!

Mikelle must have told hubby that it’s May 22nd because I got a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered at work this morning. So sweet! But, I really don’t need fresh flowers. They die! Dang it, they die! Stephen gave me a cot and and nice pad for camping as a combined Mother’s Day/Birthday. Scott gave me P90X, Extreme Home Fitness! My good friend, Becky, brought ice cream and a cake roll to work and gave me a darling bracelet and card. She is the bestest! I also got several phone calls, texts, and, like, 100 well wishes on FB and at work today.


Hubby wants to go out to dinner and take Mikelle and the kids along, but I’ve already had all the calories I want to have today. I’d kind of rather go next week. But, thank you, thank you for all the nice birthday wishes and gifts. So sweet of you. I’d just like to start, right here, right now, celebrating every five years instead of every year if that’s OK with everyone. :]