two weeks at a glance

My goodness! It’s seriously been since forever!!!!

So many things to catch up. As you know, I hesitate to write about successes at weight loss and eating healthier because It seems like the minute I do . . . I go on some hellorrific binge. Wait. Is that a word? I might have meant horrific, but, certainly, you get the picture. Anyway I’ve been eating so dang healthy for three weeks and have been doing a teensy bit of exercise. The main thing is —> I’ve finally gotten into the 140’s. YAY! I gotten back into those size 10 pants that I wrote about 800 posts ago. YAY, again.

Hey, I don’t want to dwell on that.

I’ve also been reading the D&C and learning lots and listening to church history, which I find so fascinating. I’ve done two more temple sessions and went to State Track to watch Miss And run her little guts out. She is now [drum roll, please :: :: :: ] a state champ! Yes, she ran the 4X8 and they took first! They also got the Best of the Best Award for that run! Lot’s of camera clicking, hand clapping and proud yelling from the stadium! We all stayed at Days Inn — Scott, Mikelle and the two babies and me. A little crowded and a little noisy. I, evidently, was snoring and coughing like a baboon, Easton woke in the night and cried and Miss Oaks was awake more than she was asleep. Aww. The memories!


We mostly ate “in.” All three of us had packed a cooler. I took some nonsensical things, I admit. I don’t know why I thought I could grill some fresh asparagus! I ended up throwing it away once I arrived back home. We also threw out a HUGE package of strawberries that went bad before we used them. I did have fresh fruit, yogurt, some crisp veggies, and of course, Chi for Easton and me. We had continental breakfast each of the three mornings [whole-wheat waffles were delish!] and ate out one night at Applebees. Althugh I was craving grilled salmon I ended up with grilled chicken with mushrooms, zucchini and red potatoes. Can I say YUM!

When I stepped on the scale Sunday morning, I fairly screamed with delight that I hadn’t gained even an ounce over the past five days. Well, maybe ‘screamed’ is a bit melodramatic!

Today it’s catch up day, laundry, dishes, chores, and then I’m off to Tracy’s to visit for a few days. The girls had their ballet recitals this past Saturday and since I couldn’t possibly be in two places at once, I went to Casper and opted to go to Idaho this next week. I am feeling desperate at how fast time is flying by already and I’m worried that I won’t really have a minute to enjoy summer. [Summer arrives here later than the rest of the world and is gone in a matter of weeks!] The fact that I have to work all summer doesn’t help one little bit. Why didn’t I finish my education?

Alrighty then.

Yesterday I helped Mikelle with the too grands during her church [Logan was working . . .] and then went to my ward as well. We grilled dinner on the back porch after church and had a small feast. Mikelle made oven baked sweet potato fries and steamed carrots. Logan grilled hamburgers, pineapple and my one piece of salmon. Hubby bought a brand new grill for the occasion, which seemed a little extravagant to me. It was good food, good people.

My internet was off for an entire week. I didn’t have time to fix it before I left last Wednesday and so I had 47 emails and lots of FB when I got back but promptly decided I could live without all the FB updates. Seriously? I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I could take it or leave it. It’s become one big poster board. Someone sees something inspirational or catchy and thirtyfive people repost it! And between all the diets and the recipes for decadence, I find the entire thing one big drawn-out collection of irony! It’s become Face-Pinterest. Or PinterestBook. Something like that.

There’s my last two weeks.


 [Today’s double rainbow after a quick Spring storm.]