Monthly Archives: June 2013


four in one

Scott was right. I was telling him about my day yesterday and he said, “Well, that sounds like some blogging material.” I went to the Logan Temple yesterday [104 degrees in Utah!!! — hottest day EVER in June] [melted] and did Margaret Ann Craley. I don’t know why I said “did.” I’m not sure what […] Read the Rest…


some body

147. Sheesh. Will this process ever be done? Will I ever reach my goal? I feel like I have been dieting my entire life! I don’t even know what it would be like to be able to diet and be done. Or, what it would be like to not have to ever diet in the […] Read the Rest…



I got a lot done yesterday, even though it doesn’t show much. First of all I slept in Saturday morning until 9:00! It has been an overwhelmingly busy, straining, crazy two weeks. At work we cleaned 20 rooms from top to bottom in eight work days. I have shampooed so many carpets that my right […] Read the Rest…