Phoneless. Again.


Dang it. I came home on Monday and thatched the heck out of my yard. I got eleven huge grass-catchers full of dead dry itchy smothering grass out of the lawn. And being the totally responsible person that I am, I took off all my clothes on the back porch, [yep, butt naked!], walked down stairs and put them all in the washer. No dead icky grass on MY carpets! No grass trailing through MY house. No thoughtless tracking up my clean carpet. Ummmm. This has become more about someone else than it is about me. Lots of someone elses!

Anyhoooo, about three hours later I noticed that the phone hadn’t rung and an immediate feeling of dread creeped upward, starting in my stomach. CROP! Crop! Dang it!

Yep, there was the phone lying in the bottom of the washer. Of course I immediately put it in my bowl of rice, which I just happen to still have under my bed from the LAST time I did this to a phone. Yes, I’m handy that way. I just keep the rice in a convenient place under the side of my bed. Just in case.

So, last night Mikelle put the sim card from the old phone into hubby’s old phone and seriously. What a pain. The texting is the old kind where there are three letters for each number. Not like the keyboard I have just recently gotten used to. And you have to hit each key a certain number of times because it doesn’t have predictive text. I tried to text Carol a text about GRL last night and felt like a complete fool. Couldn’t find the back button so I had all sorts of typos.

Heading to the phone company today. Oh, how I hate to spend money on something stupid! Oh wait. Not the phone. The phone is fine. It’s me. Hate to spend money on something to fix something stupid that I did.

In other news, [said the friendly newscaster . . .] I am doing great! Just heading out for a nice long bike ride early this morning. Watering my nice thatch-free lawn. [It would be nice to have water in the ditch so I didn’t have to use house water but hubby is ‘dang tired when he comes home from a long day at work’ so the ditch water and/or pump isn’t working] And I’m feeling good about so many things. I’m planning on going to a temple this weekend. Don’t know which one yet. And I’m feeling good about my weight. 147. Not bad! Not great, but better than 157. Right!? You betcha sweet smoothy gulping hippy girl! Wait. Where did that come from?

Feeling great about having three days off in a row!!!