hair hair

I asked for it and I got it! A perm. See, I have these hairs, a whole patch, really, that has started growing forward lately. For about the past five years all my bangs fro my grown and forward grow and hang over my eyebrows. I hate it. I hate them! I curl them back, spray the heck out of them and in a few sweaty, hard-working hours later, I look like Moe.


Yep, that’s me.

So I aksed Mikelle if she could just put, like, six rods in and make them all go back against their will. She bought rods in two sizes, and a very nice perm at her beauty supply place. And when she got back from the girls week in Park City, she offered to do my hair.

I wish I had pictures. I wish I could even adequately describe the commotion, the craziness and the hilarity of it all. First of all you have to imagine a two-and-a-half year old running around the house like crazy . . . hungry . . . wound up. And a little adorable 7 month-old who wants her mama most of the time. Let me paint this picture for you. I am lying on my back on the cabinet with my head in the sink holding Miss Oaks up above me with straight arms, doing ‘the drop’ to try to get her to laugh and take her breath away. And I’m also feeding her and East my famous yogurt and frozen raspberries that they both love. Wait, I’m also running around in the yard moving the water hoses.

Well, guess what. We over-processed and I kind of fried. Yep. My fault really because Mikelle told me that we had to check it every two minutes and I went out to move the water. Ugg! Fried green tomatoes! No, fried over-process and beached hair! Then I looked like Larry!


Yes, and I had the exact expression on my face.

All is well that ends well, right? Mikelle trimmed my hair and gave me some Morrocan oil that is aMAYzing and I’m back to normal! I look like me! I can comb through my hair and the top is actually staying where it needs to be.

And for camping, I bought a little [sheesh! $30!] plug-y thing that I will be able to plug into the car and then plug my curing iron into. I hope to have presentable hair for the two weeks we are up there. Otherwise I will have to look like I’m camping out for two weeks and don’t have a shower.  . . . which isn’t the worst thing in the world. I’m ready to defrag, detox and de-hair. No make up! And no worrying about looks!