test imony

This has been a heck of a summer. I can’t seem to get used to working the four tens instead of four nines and a four. You wouldn’t think that one more hour in a day would make that much difference, but this mama, this grommer, is totally beat. And, then I usually sleep in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It takes me all weekend to recover from my work week. Then, add to that a day at the temple in Utah in record breaking heat, and you’ve got one tired sista.

I’ve spent summer trying to catch up on learning. And I am so in love with learning about Joseph Smith, his mission, his flaws, his family, his humility, and his faith. My testimony of him has grown exponentially! Can’t get enough! I keep wondering what others are doing to learn of the prophet. I keep wondering why others are not taking care of their precious testimony. I keep wonder why others and letting go of their faith.

In our ward we’ve lost about ten families to inactivity. To apathy. To loss of faith. To being disgruntled. To something. Yardwork? Cleaning the house? I don’t know that is going on!

I love the saying about the Lord can take a test and turn in into a testimony. Not that I am going through a test. But I know a few people who are.

It seems like my life is so easy right now. It seems like it is flowing smoothly. Seemlessly. I don’t know why. I’m not complaining and I don’t want to jinx myself. But things are good. I see others right around me who are hurt and suffering and wondering and questioning.

Thank you Lord for small blessings and large faith building experiences. Thank you for peace right now. Thank you for safety! Thank you for joys of family — children and grandchildren. They are so precious.

Thank you for a full moon!

Thank you for my testimony!

Thank you for everything.