why I have nothing about grl

I’ve lost my camera. Weep. I mean REALLY weep! For several reasons. First, Hubby bought that camera for me a couple Christmases ago and I think it was a very thoughtful gift. I had been borrowing his for a while long time.[the one he outbid me for, for Stephen’s old camera that his ex-girlfriend gave him for graduation.] Wait. Two things here. Don’t you just love when two words are the same, right in a row. Like that little for for back there . . .] [I also love do do, like in, “But, Mother, I do do things around here to help! Blast it!”] And Second I don’t have the money to buy a new one right now. And Thirdly, I just took a ton of way-adorable and memorable pictures while we were on vacation. See, that’s the WEEP part!

So I haven’t posted about our great little vacation because I want to include pictures. It just wouldn’t be the same without them! Tracy wrote up a wonderfully long version of our many antics and memory-making adventures and I just loved it. That’s another reason I haven’t posted about it. I can’t even compete with her anymore. [Seriously, when we first started blogging years ago, I secretly thought my posts were better than hers, but I’m telling you! Jessica has rubbed off on her and she is now posting much better. Oh, wait. Jessica is Queen of blogging, for sure, but Tracy has become a Little Princess Blogger, to be sure.]

So back to the camera. Did I leave it there? [Heaven forbid!!!] Anyone in my family take it home with you? Could you look around your stuff for me?

I really want to preserve and safeguard pictures like this:

high pants

You know, for posterity. I mean who wouldn’t want their children and grandchildren to remember when old granny was fun and thin not TOO fat and zany!!! And sane. Seriously. All those things . . .


2 thoughts on “why I have nothing about grl

  1. jessica

    Ha ha, I am failing at blogging lately, but there are work related reasons for that. Le sigh.
    I hope you find your camera!

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