There is absolutely nothing new in my life. I keep trying to think of something to say. Something to write about. Yet, something Scott said to me a while back keeps sticking with me. He said [jokingly, I think . . .] if I wrote a post today and then compared it to what I was writing two years ago, it would be pretty similar!


*Still struggling with weight. Still trying to find a magic medium between thinking I’m starving, knowing I’m not; needing to exercise, knowing I’m not; knowing my clothes are too tight, knowing I’m right; feeling good about myself anyway, knowing how hard that is to do.

*Still working like a mad woman at the school. Still believing it is my job to keep EVERYTHING in order, organized, running smoothly and absolutely under control.

*Still thinking I’m going to tackle the basement sometime soon.

*Still needing to give some clothes to DI and having a heck of a time deciding what to do about it. I have been contemplating hanging yet another 8 ft. bar in the sewing room to hang up tops. Seriously? Two closets and four bars? Oh my goodness. Why can’t I throw things away?

*Still enjoying the journey of going to the temple more and feeling the wonderful peace that is there.

*Still wishing things in life were different and doing nothing to change them.

*Still missing my mama. Not so much anymore but I wish she had been at GRL with us this year. And then I realize she can see us from where she’s at. I really believe that.

*Still worrying about and praying for my children, individually, and collectively. They all have struggles and challenges that at times seem more than they can handle. Each one has a completely different set of circumstances that often bowl them over. And keep me on my knees.

*Still marveling at the goodness of God. And people. Just ordinary people.

*Still about a half-season late on decorations. It takes me so long to get out the totes and take down one season [Summer] and get into the mood of putting up Fall. Actually, putting up Fall is kind of like giving up on Summer.

*Still folding my arms across my big extra roll on my belly and resisting Mikelle’s daily invite to exercise. “I think you would really love this, mom!”

*Still trying to find the balance between helping too much and helping too little.

*Still trying to figure out a place for Thanksgiving this year.

*Still trying to enjoy the Christmas season and not spend more than I really think is appropriate. Still hating that it starts earlier and earlier and earlier every single year. Still ready to boycot the whole thing!!!

*Still thinking I need to go through all of my accounts and change the passwords to something easier. Oh boy! I tried to log into LDS accounts the other day and it took me three tries. I have [let me look . . .] forty-two online accounts with different passwords, or a combination of different passwords. So many that I have had to type them all up and email them to Tracy so that she can occasionally help me.

*Still wondering what I can post about today. :]


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  1. jessica

    Try lastpass.com! It’ll remember all the super hard passwords you NEED (so your accounts don’t get hacked) and all you need to remember is one password for lastpass. I like it.

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