iso: something clever

I admit I have a ton of halloween/harvest-y/fall decorations. Well, to be totally accurate, only two are actually halloween. [I have such a hard time putting a capital letter on that holiday. I pretty much hate halloween.]

Anyway, last weekend I bought a cute piece of vinyl that said “pumpkin patch'” and I wanted it for a hunk of wood. Lord knows I have plenty of hunks sitting around here. Wait. Is that a bad thing to say? I should say Heaven knows I have plenty of hunks sitting around here. And, believe me, I am just talking about wood. Not your everyday “hunk.” OK, so today is October 30th and I just finished a craft. Waaaay too late in the season. I guess technically it could be used for fall/harvest because pumpkins can, seriously, go clear to Thanksgiving. Yes? [See, a capital letter!]


[Hubby just finished the primitive chair for Mikelle so I thought I’d use it until she decides what color she wants it.]

We just had 6 inches of snow day before yesterday and I feel like I should be putting out some winter things. Something that says “brrr . . .” or “warm nose, cold toes,” or the like. Hey, “cold nose, warm heart.” I don’t know. I am forever trying to think up phrases or clever sayings to slap on a piece of wood.

If you see something that you know I’d love, please send it my way!