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Last night was a spectacular success! It was our Relief Society Christmas Social and, really, I’ve never seen so many sisters in the gym at one time. I know there’s another name for the gym . . . what is it? Cultural Hall? Months ago we had started planing this event and talked about President Uchtdorf’s talk, “The Road to Damascus.” There is a wonderful short clip on the Mormon Channel that was perfect for the occasion, as well as three others that went hand in hand with our message. Everything was amazing. The decorations [me] came together. The food was great, although we did run out  — 19 people early. We had Juniper meatball macaroni, which BTW I have totally perfected! And loaded baked potato soup. Mikelle says she could have taken or left that soup, but I thought it was good a couple of weeks ago when we served the stake presidency the two same soups. Of course, we had bread bowls and dessert breads — coconut, pumpkin, chocolate chocolate-chip, banana nut and poppy seed.

[Side note . . . we planned for 200 and actually served 330, which is why we ran out of everything!]

The two speakers were just wonderful. Amy Van Gieson had just lost her Mom, Adrien, to cancer the previous week. She gave a heartfelt and warm tribute to her mother as well a strong testimony of purpose and faith and comfort from Heavenly Father. Their family has been less than active recently and she shared how it feels like ‘coming home.’ Jill Kenney also spoke. She is one of the most amazing and positive people I know. One day she decided she was fed up with crap. She was fed up with negative. She was fed up with pessimism, and she decided to change all of that. She only posts positive, uplifting hopeful thoughts on facebook. She hangs out with a positive infectious glow. One can’t help but be inspired by her. She did a great job!

I feel pretty much out of my realm with these three sisters I serve with. They are, of course, giants! We all think that of others, I suppose. But they really are incredible people. I try to learn and grown in my own calling, as well. I’ve had so much fun with them. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being the oldest and fattest in the group, the same position I am in with my other three co-workers. Double ugh, there.

I am on such a high today after the meeting that all seems good and right in the world. All seams at peace. All seems warm, comfortable — even cozy, and this is a feeling I want to hold on to and keep in my heart for the rest of the holiday season. A challenge for sure, since I don’t relish shopping, crowds, spending, cold, wet feet, and wrapping. But this year I started very early [October] and am almost done, so I feel so much of the usual pressure gone. I should have learned to do this years ago and I’d probably feel much beter about this popular time of the year. Instead of just being ready to get it over with, I’m going to take time to enjoy people, enjoy peace, enjoy the Christmas message that we spend months putting together for everyone else, and try to immerse my whole being in it, myself.

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