stake conference

Yesterday was incredible! We had a visiting Seventy Area Representative, Elder Stephen B. Allen, who spoke last night on hastening the Lords work. He will speak again, this morning, on the same subject, I’m sure! I understand that all of the Stake and Mission Presidents, as well as all area authorities, received a letter from the First Presidency about Hastening the Lord’s Work and that it would be the topic of all Stake Conferences in the church. How fascinating!

Oh, my goodness! I just had a full body chill just thinking about it! He spoke about how all of us share the responsibility of missionary work and doing other of the Lord’s work. And how we can be blessed by changing our priorities.

He started the meeting by having people in the audience express what takes up their time. What our concerns and worries are. We had a list of about 40 things on the chalk board — from helping our children choose wisely to getting everything done in a day. Running, hurrying, always feeling behind. He asked bishops to stand up and tell what keeps them from sleeping. Everything from helping those with physical ailments to spiritual sickness to those who don’t feel welcome to those who struggle with pornography. He asked all the Relief Society Presidents to stand and tell what their biggest concerns are.

He asked how much time we spend on the computer, the TV and our devices.

He helped all of us to see how we need to prioritize and organize and streamline and focus.

He talked about Family History work and Temple attendance.

It seemed so logical, so easy, so perfect when he put all the pieces together in that order.

And of course, he had our two full time missionaries on the stand and let them answer questions he cleverly directed to them. Our Stake President had a microphone and there were 3-4 men with cordless mics in the audience. So what it amounted to was a wonderful hour and a half group discussion which had us all marveling at the clarity of his motivational thought process.

It was restorative. It was enlightening. It was mesmerizing. It was fun and heart-warming. It was uniting. It was peaceful and comforting. And as I type these words, I realize that that is exactly what the gospel is, too. Enlightening, mesmerizing, fun and heart-warming, uniting, peaceful and comforting!

Imagine, a representative and witness of the Lord Jesus Christ bringing all those things to Conference. Um, coincidence? NOT!

How’s that for an eye-opener!