well, i’m up . . .

CRAP!!! Totally thought it was Monday morning. I woke up at 4:23, noticed that my alarm wasn’t on . . . turned over the little button for 4:45 [thought I’d sleep 20 more minutes before having to get up . . ] Thought, again, I might as well get up . . . read on the computer for 20 minutes and THEN TOTALLY REALIZED IT’S SUNDAY!

Good Grief!!!

But, on the other hand . . . I’ve got lots to do.

Because I was gone all of Friday and Saturday I’m behind on almost everything. Everywhere I look there are piles and dishes and things  needing my attention.

It was Stephen’s open house. He has this small start-up business that is more of an obsession. He rides snow  machines and films while he is doing what he loves most. Evidently people like to watch those films. He also has a small but super cool clothing line of hoodies, Ts and hats. The are pretty awesome! They are plastered with the name SLED ADDICTION . . .


So we went to his open house and movie debut, stayed for a couple of hours {[ went back to the hotel with a splitter!] The other went to the bonfire and burning of an old sled . . . the fire department was there and about 200 other people who love to watch fires and slap each other on the back.

Saturday I woke up at 4:14 am. I’m seeing a pattern!!!! Oaklyn woke up too, so she and I hung out in the bathroom playing word games on the iPAD so the others could sleep another couple of hours. We went back to Triple S Polaris for a while, ran errands, ran to Heather’s for vinyl [oh my gosh this turned out so cute!] Ran to Wood Creation . . . . so cute! Ran to Quilted Bear [so cute!] Dillards for a new bra [so expensive!] JCP for a return . . . YAY! $125 back on my Visa. Salon Centric for Mikelle [It was closed so we went to some other places for her. And to JoAnns for paint. Seriously, there were 200 people in the store and 50 of them at the register!

So, see, it was a busy, busy weekend and now I’m a little disoriented!

But, seriously, it’s Sunday, not Monday. And now I’m going to try to sleep for another hour.